Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection Review & Swatches.

PR Samples.
From L-R; 01, 02, 03, 04.

I love the idea of this collection! 
Four red lipstick shades, one to suit every skintone, inspired by the 'ultimate beauty icon' Miss Marilyn Monroe herself. Regardless of the Season or current trends, red lips are always in so this is a collection that can't really go wrong! 
One of the four shades 01 'Marilyn Ruby Red' was the original Max Factor red that Marilyn actually wore and loved; it's a true blue red that's one of the easiest red tones to wear for all complexions and is also very flattering against teeth, ie. makes them appear bright and white.  The other 3 shades consist of, 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', this is the orange based red which looks amazing on warm blondes or golden/olive skin-tones. 03 'Marilyn Berry' is a cool coral red which is a great entry level shade. It's perfect for fairer complexions as well as anyone who is new to wearing red lipstick and wants to ease themselves in. The final shade 04 'Marilyn Cabernet' is the deep crimson red shade with a purple undertone. This is my favourite and would suit darker skin-tones and 
colourings, though I personally think a deep dark red is a stunning contrast against a fair complexion and blonde hair as well. 
As a makeup artist, I'd be more than confident to work on faces of any colouring using just these four shades.

01 'Marilyn Ruby Red', 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', 03 'Marilyn Berry', 04 'Marilyn Cabernet'

Max Factor got the formula itself bang-on as well... the texture is lovely and hydrating without being too greasy. It contains grapeseed oil and avocado butter which gives it a comfortable emollient slip and delicate shine, exactly as how Marilyn's lips look like in all colour photographs like the one below.  The formula also is very strongly pigmented thanks to "micro-milled pigments" and all-in-all the lipsticks wear brilliantly on the lips. If scent is your thing, you might also be pleased to get a whiff of the lippies... they have vanilla undertones and citrus notes but the smell is subtle enough that is won't be offensive to anyone who is sensitive to scents.

The stunning Miss Monroe wearing her signature red lip and polished makeup.
L-R with flash;
01 'Marilyn Ruby Red', 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', 03 'Marilyn Berry', 04 'Marilyn Cabernet'.
L-R without flash;
01 'Marilyn Ruby Red', 02 'Marilyn Sunset Red', 03 'Marilyn Berry', 04 'Marilyn Cabernet'.

I genuinely have nothing bad to say about these lipsticks and in fact am very impressed by the collection so expect to see these in action on my Youtube Channel very soon.

These are available now nationwide and are retailing for €10.99 per lipstick.


Friday, January 29, 2016

PIXI Mineral Shadow Palettes.

*PR Samples 

When it comes to brands like Pixi that mostly put out lovely but largely neutral and nude toned products, it's nice to see the odd brightly coloured bits thrown into the mix for a bit of balance.
These 'Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes' are two of eight palettes in the collection which range from super pale and nude to earthy tones, up to this bright gemstone-inspired pair.
These two are definitely the brightest of the lot and each contain six intensely pigmented shades in the same colour family. 
The blue palette is called 'Aquamarine Dream' and is designed to enhance and complement blue and brown eye. The purple palette is called 'Amethyst Aura' and will contrast green and hazel eyes.

The packaging has the familiar pale lime green colour that most Pixi products sport. The palettes do come with double ended sponge applicators but I'm personally not a fan of these, I use these only in emergencies and most of the time chuck them in the bin after first use. To look at, these look like they are aimed towards a younger demographic but the same does not apply to all Pixi products. Some are more sophisticated looking that others, but I think Pixi knew what they were doing when they designed these guys.

I have only pawed at these a couple of times so far so can't attest to their lasting power etc on the eyes yet but I will be using them in an upcoming makeup tutorial in the coming week or so on my Youtube channel so keep an eye out for that!

Pixi recommend using one of their Endless Silky Eye Pens (which I am a big fan of) as a base for these mineral based shadows and I can see why. The pencils glide on like a smooth gel but set to a waterproof dry finish so will grab onto the pigment and keep it in place as it sets.

Aquamarine Dream
Amethyst Aura

Each palette retails for £15.00.
These are available on the Pixi website as well as in store.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

MAC Ellie Goulding Collection.

MACs Ellie Goulding collection hit counters earlier this month and while not the most extensive of collections, it does contain some lovely products. I've said before on Instagram that I'm not a fan of the popstrel herself so that won't particularly entice me into buying anything from the collection but it wouldn't necessarily put me off the collection either. 

The collection includes;
*Two mini palettes;
Halcyon Nights & Halcyon Days (both €55.00)

*Lustre Drops in 'Pink Rebel' (€23.00)
* and three brushes;
 #209 Liner (€23.00)
#129 Blush/Powder (€40.00)
#217 Blending (€28.50)

**An interesting note about these brushes is that they are not of the same high quality of usual MAC permanent line brushes. These are made in China for one,while their usual brushes are either made in Japan or France. Also the actual weight of these brushes is a lot less than their permanent line equivalents. The material of the ferrule and handle is also different and, to me anyhow, seems to come off 'cheaper' or more flimsy looking. This personally would put me off buying them at the price that they retail for normally! 

*'Blacktrack' Fluidline gel eyeliner (€21.00)
*'Haute & Naughty' Too Black Lash Mascara (€25.00)
*False lashes;
#20 (€15.00)
#30 (€15.00)

*Veluxe Brow Pencil 'Strawberry Blonde' (€21.00)
*Powder Blush Duo 'I'll Hold my Breath' (€30.00) 
pictured below
*Patent Polish Lip Pencils;
 'Innocent' - Nude Beige (€25.00)
'Revved Up' - Peach (€25.00)
pictured below
'Only You' - Coral (€21.50)
'Without your Love' - Pink (€21.50)
*Plushglass LipGlosses;
'Explosion' - Golden Shimmer (€25.00)
'Goodness Gracious' - Pinky Peach (€25.00)
pictured below

It's keeping with the trend of bland but pretty beige/coral/pink tones that we tend to see every January post Christmas from MAC and to be honest I think it's a collection that would appeal to most people regardless of liking the lady herself or not. 
I was sent the three products below; the bronzer/blush duo which admittedly I haven't used yet but do think it looks lovely and the quality of MACs powders almost never disappoint. Saying that however, I don't absolutely love these duo products as pro kit additions but I think they are great for personal use.
I was sent the peach coloured Plushglass. These are their lip plumping glosses and are quite pigmented and creamy, though if you hate any tingling of the lips, you might not opt for this formula.
And finally I was sent one of the Patent Polish Lip Pencils which I LOVE!!! I have 'Revved Up' - the coral shade and while I do like the colour, I just adore the formula and functionality of these pencils. They are highly moisturising and very comfortable on the lips.

Let me know in the comments below if you are a fan of Ellie and if you have picked up any of the items mentioned!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Precious About Makeup aka PAM

P.A.M or Precious About Makeup (Formally known as M.A P) is a professional makeup store located in West Central London that will celebrate it's 20th birthday this year!
It was established by makeup artists for makeup artists and stocks an impressive selection of makeup brands including but certainly not limited to;
Beauty Blender,
 Ben Nye, 
Makeup Forever,
And there's tonnes of other high quality brands available from PAM, both instore and online!

The store front and map location!

I was sent a few of the bits that they stock to try out from Makeup Forever, Le Maquillage Professional and MUD (Makeup Designory).

First up is the Le Maq Foundation Palette (Special design by award-winning makeup artist Jan Sewell)
This is a solid cream 6 pan palette of wax based foundation. This formula is perfect for use in professional jobs as wax based foundations have the best holding power when it comes to heat and strong lighting. It's essentially water proof as well, and is a great option for long lasting bridal makeups. This gives a natural finish and can be applied sheer or built up to a more full coverage.

The colours it contains are;
C1; Palest yellow Ivory. (Lower Left)
TL2;  Light peachy/yellow (Top Left)
TL3; Slightly deeper with some warmth introduced(Top Centre)
V4; Neutral medium tone. (Lower Centre)
CR; Corrective green/olive tone. (Top Right)
128; Tan Shade (Lower Right)

From L-R; TL2, TL3, CR, C1, 128, V4.

Next up is the Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer. This is No.2 of 4 primers from the range available on the site (though I think there are 11 in the entire range).
This has a 'satin' silicone texture that supposedly blurs any imperfections on the skin and fills out any uneven texture, resurfacing the skin. And of course it does the usual of extending the wear of the foundation and allows it to apply smoothly over the skin.
I have tried this out a couple of times and found it worked well, basically does what it says on the tin!

Thee 3rd and final product I was sent is a MUD (Makeup Designory) Sheer Lipstick in 'EggPlant'.
This is a super hydrating sheer lipstick and this particular shade is a berry tone. The formula is very emollient so won't be the longest lasting on the lips but it is brilliant for anyone with drier lips.
My mom has already stolen this one off of me as she loved the formula so much! 

And that's it for the products for now.

I visited this store a few times when I lived in London and highly recommend it to anyone working in the industry, starting out or any makeup fans who love to discover new and high quality products!

Let me know if you have visited this little treasure trove...


Friday, December 18, 2015

Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani | Palette Review

My first thought when I heard that this palette was coming out was 'another eye shadow palette!?'...
 It was released so close to the latest Naked offering that I was surprised they were churning another one out. Any reservations I had however were quashed as soon as I laid eyes on the gloriously designed palette, in my humble opinion... I say that because this palette design seems to have a marmite quality, placing me firmly in the 'love it' category.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Eye of Horus | Makeup Review.

'Eye of Horus' Cosmetics very recently made it's way to Irish shores (and bloggers' mail boxes), and this was my first time hearing about the Australian cosmetics brand.
Their tagline is 'Awaken the Goddess within' and the entire line is inspired by the beauty of the Ancient Egyptians whom they credit as "the originators of beauty and mystique".

Friday, December 4, 2015

Master Series, Palette One; Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Blank Canvas have just released a new eyeshadow palette, the first of their 'Master Series', and upon first glance it is a neutral-warm eyeshadow lovers' dream!
This contains 10 matte super warm brown shades ranging from the palest beige (Core) to the deepest dark brown (Corruption), a pinkish vanilla matte with delicate minute sparkle (Lily) and one single champagne/gold shimmer shade (Goddess).

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Urban Decay 'Naked Illuminated'

Seen as there's only 5 weeks left 'til Christmas, now's the time to seriously start thinking of all things sparkly and shimmery, if you haven't already that is!
So... Urban Decay releasing their newest shade of the 'Naked Illuminated' shimmer powder earlier this month is timed perfectly. The new shade 'Lit' joins the already existing shades 'Aura' and 'Luminous'. These powders are for the face and body though you have to use with a light hand on the face as they are quite heavy in shimmer particles (though they are teeny tiny micro particles).
All 3 shades are described as 'universal', though I do think you're better off going with either 'Luminous' or 'Aura' if you are embracing the pale, and leaning towards 'Aura' or the newer 'Lit' if you are bronzed up, a deeper skintone or tanned.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Inglot SWATCH Fest! 105 EyeShadow Swatches.

PLEASE NOTE; The above numbers are in reverse order by mistake!
So the correct number in correct order are;
15 (Orange), 413 (turquoise), 422 (bronze), 441 (purple), 482 (Navy).

PLEASE NOTE; The above numbers are in reverse order by mistake!
So the correct number in correct order are;
15 (Orange), 413 (turquoise), 422 (bronze), 441 (purple), 482 (Navy).

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PIXI Makeup; My Current TOP 10 Favourite Picks!!

Hey Guys!!!
First of all, apologies for my dire lack of blogging lately. I allowed October to get the better of me and when I had to prioritise, the blog took a back seat but I am ready to get back into the swing of things again starting with my pick of some lovely PIXI Makeup products that I have accumulated over the past few months. (Sent as PR samples sporadically).
I excluded the bits I'm not mad about and decided to round it off to my Top 10 favourite items from the brand.
I'll start off with the Skin Care picks;

Monday, October 12, 2015

Urban Decay; Vice 4 Palette Review and Swatches.

Palette sent as press sample for consideration.

Urban Decays newest Vice offering, their 4th, is absolutely stunning. There, I said it. Quite the opening statement, but it has been designed beautifully, package n' all.
Inspired by the "dimensional hues of an oil slick" and one of their "vintage shades" of the same name 'Oil Slick', this contains a mixture of stunning brights and smoked neutrals for a really balanced collection of eyeshadows.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cover FX | Total Cover Cream Foundation

Cover FX is another one of those brands that I have coveted for so long and heard such good things about (largely from Kandee Johnson who uses the brand heavily in her videos and professional makeup kit) but had never gotten around to trying them out. That is until a couple of weeks ago when I got the chance to pick out a foundation of my choosing to try out... and the foundation turned into 2 thanks to the lovely PR lady :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

IsaDora Twist up Eye Glosses

I was rather excited when these 'Twist-up Eye Gloss' Highlighters by IsaDora arrived in my mailbox (well actually my Mam & Dad's mail box!) a few months ago.
I love anything beauty related that doesn't immediately seem as if it's another version of a million other products, and these came across as somewhat unique.  While they are called eye glosses, they aren't actually glosses (in formula) but rather cream crayons with a high-shine, gloss finish.
Globally there are now 12 shades in total in the range with the addition of the 3 new shades I received which are the ones available here in Ireland, which include;

Monday, September 28, 2015

YSL 'Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick'.... No.13 'Le Orange'

Last week I was sent my first ever YSL lipstick. I have tried one of their foundations in the past and really liked it, and like millions of other ladies I have owned one of the Touche Eclat highlighters, but for some reason or another I never got as far as even trying one of their lipsticks.
Oh how I have been missing out! 
These are iconic for a good reason. The colour is divine, the packaging is pure luxury and the formula is somewhere beyond comfort. It's probably the luxury aspect that had always intimidated me a bit in the past. I tend not to splurge on uber high-end makeup for myself unless I am picking up something for my professional kit.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Italian Silver Idea; The Isi facial cleansing & exfoliating mitt!
You'll be forgiven for not having heard of the Isi cleansing mitt before as it has until recently been confined within the Italian borders. I was contacted by the brands PR lady from Italy, asked if I'd like to try it out for consideration and told that I am the first blogger outside of Italy to have been sent the mitt!
I hadn't heard of it either before receiving that email. It could be compared to the 'Makeup Eraser' micro-fiber cleansing cloth that was doing the rounds on Youtube and Instagram last year, because despite the physical differences, they are both cloths that cleanse the face without the need for a separate cleansing product. Warm water is all that is needed. The Isi (Italian Silver Idea) is rather more sophisticated however as one side has silver fiber woven into the mitt; this not only delicately exfoliates, but the silver has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which helps to kill any bacteria in the skin and prevent them making bacteria babies!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PRO Tooth Whitening @ 'The White House' Clinic | No Bleach!

I was recently invited in for a complementary tooth whitening treatment at The White House (Teeth Whitening Specialists) Clinic and of course I jumped at the chance to get my teeth done as I have been really hoping to get them done since getting my train-track braces off. My teeth are one part of me that I'll never be 100% happy with so any help is much needed & appreciated.
There are clinics in Galway, Cork, Belfast and a couple in Dublin. I went to my local clinic here in Terryland, Galway last week for my 1 hour treatment which ended up being an hour and 15minutes but as I didn't have my phone or a watch to hand, I'm not sure where that extra time came from, though I did feel like I was under the light for longer than 15 minutes each time.
Within that hour, I received a consultation from the Specialist, Emma, who was so nice and helpful and explained everything in very understandable terms. Then I had three 15 minute sessions of getting the whitening gel applied to my exposed teeth and sitting in front of the UV light. (This is where I think I may have gained some time)
Emma also showed me what level of staining my teeth had before beginning the treatment for reference. 
The first two pictures here show how my teeth looked before. They were not very yellow or stained to begin with, but they were not super white either. My eye teeth tend to be a tad yellowed looking and the rest have a slightly cream/ivory tone with subtle yellow staining.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

I am a sucker for anything vintage or kitch and the aesthetic of The Vintage Cosmetic Company is absolutely my cup of tea.
And luckily it's not just about cute packaging with these bits, there are some lovely quality products in the pretty boxes as well. 
But back to the ridiculously cute design. We are talking vintage, floral gorgeousness here. Plus polka dots... POLKA DOTS!!! I am easily drawn in by aesthetics obviously, I blame the artist in me.
As I mentioned, there are some lovely products within the boxes but I'll start off with the one thing I don't love.

Friday, September 4, 2015

UNTIL DAWN Makeup | HALLOWEEN '15 | LetzMakeup

It's September, which means time to start my HALLOWEEN videos for the year!!! 
I will be uploading a Halloween tutorial every Friday at 6pm GMT from today until Halloween. So expect at least 8 looks from me on the run up to Oct 31st. This first video is inspired by the 'Until Dawn' video game character. 

Click on the pictures below to enlarge;

Monday, August 31, 2015

NYX Colours of the 'Rain-Brow' Brow Pencils

*Pencils I was sent for consideration!
If you are in the market for a new brow pencil, have a goo at these new offerings from NYX. 
These are called the 'Auto Eyebrow Pencils' and there is an impressive 7 shades to choose from. ...that's pretty much on par with the MAC brow pencil shade range!! 

The shades are;

Friday, August 21, 2015

The EASIEST way to apply foundation!

After years of resisting these little yokes, I finally caved in and am in love! 
Definitely the best way to apply any foundation to achieve a perfect, flawless finish.

Sponges shown;
The Beauty Blender
Real Techniques Pro Blending Sponge
W7 Blending Sponge
Inglot Blending Sponge