Monday, April 20, 2015

My Top 5 EyeShadow Primers.

Find out what my current favourite and most used eyeshadow primers and bases are!!


MAC Mascaras; Reviews & Swatches... and how to Remove Mascara like a PRO!!

I was recently sent a really cool MAC Mascara Roll containing 6 of MAC's current mascaras. Along with the MAC Mascara's I already have in my kit, I have all of them with several multiples (Well there's only 1 I don't have). So in this video I review, show and swatch all of the mascaras so you can see how they look on and what each different one does!

And all the swatches...

And then this tip is for those days when your mascara looks a bit crap or clumpy (especially when you're using an old tube or rushing in the morning) and you wish you could remove it without ruining the rest of your eye makeup!

Hope it helps!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nivea Q10Plus 'In-Shower Body Moisturiser'... A moisturiser you wash off!?

Nivea Q10Plus Firming 'In-Shower Body Moisturiser' is an innovative new type of moisturiser that you apply in the shower under running water after you've washed yourself, and then you rinse off before getting out of the shower! Basically think of it as conditioner for the skin, so the same as hair conditioner which you apply after shampoo but wash off.
What adds to the uniqueness of this moisturiser however is that it also firms & soothes the skin.
Coenzyme Q10 occurs naturally in our skin, protecting it from oxidation or free radical damage,  but like everything else, lessens with age leading to sagging etc. This moisturiser contains Q10 beads that melt into the skin when massaged in under the hot shower water, and you will immediately feel a slight tightening of the skin along with a cooling sensation.

This'll be great for people (like me) who usually just couldn't be bothered with applying any moisturiser or lotion after their shower or for people who are in a rush and would like to speed up their 'get-ready' time, as you won't have to wait around for the moisturiser to dry in before dressing!

There is also a body lotion, body oil, rich body lotion and cellulite cream available in the Q10 Firming range.

The Firming Q10 Plus In-Shower Moisturiser is available now for the RRP of €7.38 for 250ml nationwide!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Body Mods & Alternative Style in the Beauty Industry; My Experience

My Experience with having piercings and tattoos while working in the Beauty Industry. When it's suitable to wear piercings etc and when it's not so suitable in my experience.

Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial!

For easter just gone, instead of doing a makeup tutorial inspired by Easter colours etc, this year I decided to do a Cruelty Free makeup tutorial featuring products by NYX, ELF, Urban Decay, Wet n Wild, Zoeva, Barry M and SmashBox! Some of the products are Vegan also, and I let ye know throughout the video which products are vegan and what's not!
As I mentioned in the video, with the bit of research I did, these companies all claim to be cruelty free. Some do indeed belong to bigger 'umbrella' companies like Estee Lauder or L'Oréal who may test on animals, so the whole claim can be a tad unsteady sometimes. Also, a company can still claim to be cruelty free if their end products are not animal tested by THEMSELVES... This isn't to say that the ingredients or source materials weren't tested on animals somewhere down the line OR that a separate outside company did not test the products. Again, it's hard to tell if a company is indeed truly cruelty free. Anyhow, I digress... 
I strongly suggest you all do a little research yourselves if it bothers you and make your own decision on who to support as 'cruelty free' and who to skip. Luckily, animal testing is completely illegal here in the EU on cosmetics and this includes imported cosmetics etc. Policies vary worldwide though so check about your own region online!

(In order of use)

NYX HD Photogenic Concealers (Vegan)
NYX Jumbo Pencil 'Yoghurt'
URBAN DECAY 'Solstice' MoonDust EyeShadow
ELF 'Moonlight Pearl' Baked Highlighter (Vegan)
SMASHBOX 'Full Exposure' EyeShadow Palette
URBAN DECAY 'Blackout' Matte EyeShadow
WET n WILD 'Mega Liner' Black Liquid Eyeliner
BARRY M 'Bold Black' Waterproof Eyeliner
SMASHBOX 'Full Exposure' Mascara
NYX 'Stay Matte But Not Flat' Powder Foundation
NYX 'Taupe' Blush (Vegan)
NYX 'Pinky/Rosé' Blush (Vegan)
ELF 'Moonlight Pearl' Baked Highlighter (Vegan)
WET n WILD 'Ultimate Brow Kit' | 'Ash Brown'
NYX 'Pale Pink' Lip Pencil
NYX 'Eclair' ButterGloss

All brushes are from the ZOEVA 'Bamboo Vol.2' Brush Collection (Vegan)


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Huge Irish Beauty Collaboration!!

HUGE Irish Collaboration!!! 
Hey Guys, this video is part of the biggest Irish Beauty Collaboration to date featuring 8 Irish YouTuber's in total, all of whom are listed below along with what they'll be covering in their videos and the links....

Skin (General Foundation, Concealer, Contour etc) for Dry Skin... Siobhan
Skin (General Foundation, Concealer, Contour etc) for Oily/Acne Prone Skin... Melanie
Skin (Highlighting & Contouring focus) with powder... Hayley
Skin (Highlighting & Contouring focus) with Cream... Sarah
Eyes; EyeShadow focus (and brows)... Sinéad
Eyes; Eyeliner focus... Grace
Lips (Natural, Nude lip)... Aisling
Lips (Dramatic, Dark Lip)... Tara

Or watch the entire playlist here...


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Video Round-up!

I seem to have fallen behind quite a bit in regards to updating my blog and adding my Youtube videos etc due to unavoidable and unexpected 'real life' complications, so here's a round-up of of my Youtube videos from the past 2 weeks or so...


First up is a video showcasing some new Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes that I was using in my recent Makeup MasterClass....

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fingers, Brush or Sponge? The Ultimate 'How to Apply your Foundation' Video!

Sometimes it takes me a while of playing around with a new foundation to figure out how best to apply it, whether to use my fingers, a brush (and which one) or a sponge...

Monday, March 30, 2015

'Hand & Nail Balm' by Roger & Gallet

I'm a bit batty for these new hand & nail balms by Roger & Gallet, which is something I never thought I'd be saying... I mean, they're hand creams. Not the most exciting products in the world BUT these both smell and feel extremely luxurious on the skin! 

Lipstick as Concealer!!??... and General Colour Correcting.

Lipstick Concealer?!

This has been going around the various beauty communities of the web lately along with a lot of mis-information, so I gave it a go myself to show how lipstick can actually be used as a colour correcting concealer!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Makeup MasterClass; March '15.

I started holding Makeup Classes along with my colleague and good friend Hayley Coleman last November, and on Sunday just past, we held our 3rd class to date in the very posh G-Hotel, Galway and we were both delighted with how it went, despite my running at about 30% with a bad migraine. Thankfully Hayley (the legend!) really saved the day, taking the reigns and helping me survive afternoon.
Despite my health issues though, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone!!! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Winged Smokey Eyes | MAC 15x Warm Neutral Palette

Hey Guys ^_^
I recently parted ways with MAC after more than 5 years working for them, to go solo! I just found that working for MAC as a retail artist as well as doing Youtube and my free-lance work was too much for me and one of them had to go! After much thought, I decided to leave MAC. 

Grow your Brows back with me!... And how I fill them in.

And the cycle begins again!!...
I've done it many times before and it's happened again, over-plucking my brows from stress. 
They say you won't seek change 'til you've hit 'rock-bottom' and the brows you see in the picture below are my 'rock-bottom'!
Not at all dramatic! ha ha :P
Anyhow, I am currently in the process of

Friday, March 13, 2015

Battle of the Blacks! What's the BLACKEST EyeShadow??

I decided to test/swatch 12 black eyeshadows to find out which one is the blackest black and which one is the crappiest!! 
These are the only black shadows I own (except for the Bourjois one I forgot to get from my kit &

Used up Beauty Products; Empties #12


LEE STAFFORD 'Hair Growth Treatment'
HERBAL ESSENCES ‘Clearly Naked’ Shampoo & Conditioner
RADOX ‘Moisturise’ Jojoba Oil & Camomile Shower Cream

Sunday, March 8, 2015

REDKEN 'Color Rebel' Winners....

And the 5 winners from last Sunday's giveaway, who will each win a full set of the 5 'Color Rebel' hair makeups, are.....

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Depotting Zoeva EyeShadows & Palette Organisation.

I recently took a notion to de-pot all of my Zoeva Eyeshadows & organise my Z-Palettes & MAC palettes!
The Zoeva palettes are pretty much the easiest ones to de-pot since they are made of cardboard and no heat is needed to melt anything!!