Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Beauty Blender™ -V- Inglot 'Pro Blending Sponge'

Hey Guys!

In this video I pit 'The Beauty Blender'™Sponge (€28 IRL) against the Inglot 'Pro Blending Sponge' (€12 IRL) to see which performs the best... 
Let the battle commence! 
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Defined BRIDAL Makeup Tutorial | Loads of Tips!

I have been getting a load of requests to create a bridal makeup look, or just to do a general bridal tutorial to share some tips for the day, and this folks is the result of those requests!
I won't apologise for the 23 minute run-time of the video as I think it's very important to let people know exactly why I am using the products I am using and how I am applying them, so that you guys out there who want to know will understand how to achieve long-lasting flawless makeup.
As I mention in the video, this particular makeup is for those of us who want to wear noticeable but as-perfect-and-as-pretty-as-possible makeup, or put another way, it's not really a very natural no-makeup makeup. It has defined/structured liquid eyeliner, light contouring, over-lined lips and strong enough eyebrows. That being said, it still has a softness to it that allows it to fall into the 'Bridal makeup' category and is the kind of makeup I get asked to apply on about 75% of my brides!
Hopefully by watching the watching the video any questions you might have will be answered, but if you do have any unanswered questions afterwards, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


BUFF MAKEUP ’Sheer Glo Lotion’ | 01 ‘Movie Star’
SMASHBOX ‘PhotoFinish Hydrating Under-eye Primer’
GARNIER ‘5 Second Perfect Blur Eye Primer’
MAC ‘Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof’ Foundation
CLARINS ‘Instant Concealer’
ILLAMASQUA ‘Hollow’ Cream Pigment
NARS Translucent ‘Crystal’ Light Reflecting Face Powder
ZOEVA ‘Gentle Touch’ Luxe Colour Blush
MAKEUP FOREVER ‘Setting Spray’

MAC ‘Prep & Prime’ 24hr Extend Eye Base
ISADORA ‘Color Eye Bar’ | 60 ’Nude Essentials’
MAC ‘BlackTrack’ Fluidline
PHYSICIANS FORMULA ‘2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner & Serum’ | ‘Ultra Black’
MAC ‘Extended Play GigaBlack Lash’ Mascara
MAC ‘Prolongwear Waterproof Brow Set’ | ‘Quiet Brunette’

MAC ‘Prep & Prime’ Lip
Sally Hansen Lip Primer (Discontinued) 
L’Oréal by Lip Liner Couture by Color Riche | 630 ‘Beige á Nu’
MAC ‘Angel’ LipStick

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Isa Dora 'Lash Styler Mascara'

PR Sample. Image from
Well now, did someone go a bit overboard with the oul photoshoppin' when adding the finishing touches to the promo picture for IsaDora's 'Volume Lash Styler' mascara above(?!)... 
it was probably unnecessary as this mascara can look amazing when applied to the right lashes. 
If you follow my Youtube channel, you may have seen me use this mascara to death in recent videos, and even on my long-enough but kinda thin lashes it looks really decent and does give a nice "fanned out effect", as promised.

It is described as having a "creamy thickening formula that gives you that amazing volume effect". I like the super black shade of the formula and that it is creamy rather than runny and too fluid (which is something i really dislike in some other mascaras). The swatches in the 1st & 2nd pictures above are of just a single coat of the mascara on and even then the effect is quite lovely, I have applied a couple of layers to the 3rd swatch picture (though it's hard to see with the liner!*) and this definitely gives a more impressive volume pay-off.

I have noticed that I get absolutely Zero smudging or flaking with this mascara, even after a full day's wear, but it does promise to be humidity resistant anyhow... though this isn't something I can test out at the minute with the weather we are having in Ireland.
It's other claims include;
*Lash by lash definition - no clumps!
*"Styling through Stretching" - giving a fanned out effect.
I have also noticed that it does a fairly decent job at holding onto curl as well!
It has a soft, pliable silicone brush head, which I usually favour over hard bristles and the brush head is shaped in such a way as to lay-down just the right amount of mascara onto the lashes.
The packaging is spot-on as well, it comes in a sleek highly reflective silver tube with black writing on the body. (This is inverted on the lid)

Overall I think this is a great wee mascara and I have been thoroughly enjoying it over the past month or so.
 It comes in at RRP€17.95 here in Ireland, which places it in a mid-range price bracket but I do feel that the quality of both the formula and the packaging warrants the price-tag. 
It is available now nationwide from select pharmacies.

Oh and one more thing to note is that IsaDora is a 100% cruelty free brand, this not only includes not testing finished products on animals, but their marketing manager promised me that they also never use source materials that have been tested on animals either!
Bonus :)

That's it for now! Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below in the comments.
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The Irish Beauty Blog Awards | I am nominated!

Hey Guys smile emoticon 
I am delighted to have been nominated for 5 categories in this years Irish Beauty Blog Awards!! I have been added to the shortlists for;
Best Vlogger
Best Content
Best Beauty Blogger
Best Social media
Best Overall
Where as I would never consider myself the best blogger out there, I do pour my heart & soul into my Youtube Channel and feel so happy to have that acknowledged. If you would like to cast any votes to nominate myself or any of the other amazing content creators involved to win, follow this link!!form/cyf5

and to see who else has been nominated, click here...

Thanks so much to all my readers and viewers and subscribers for the ongoing support!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spotlight Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips ft. MAC, Urban Decay and more!

What a lip! 
The glorious shade of pink on my lips is brought to us via Urban Decay's ‘Savage’ Revolution High-Colour Lip Gloss which I am, not surprisingly, utterly in love with. It really makes this look for me and is accompanied  in the range by several other lovely, newly released shades.
You can find out more about those along with Urban Decay's other Summer releases here...
I skipped eyeliner over my eyes to allow the lips retain the main focus, though the eyes haven't gone totally unloved thanks to a 'spot-light' eyeshadow application using the IsaDora ‘Eye Color Bar’ Palette in 60 ’Nude Essentials'... another current favourite of mine.
Watch the video below to see how I achieved this look and all products are listed at the end of this post!



MAC ‘Moisture Infusion Serum’
MAC ‘Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF30’ | ‘Extra Light’
CLARINS ‘Instant Concealer’ 01
CATRICE ‘Camouflage Cream’ Concealer 010 ‘Ivory’
MAC ‘Prep & Prime’ Transparent Finishing Powder (Loose)
MAC ‘Kid’ EyeShadow (to contour)
URBAN DECAY ‘Obsessed’ AfterGlow 8-Hour Powder Blush

MAX FACTOR ‘Pale Pebble’ 101 Wild Shadow Pot
INGLOT ‘Sparkling Dust’ 01 
ISADORA ‘Eye Color Bar’ Palette | 60 ’Nude Essentials’
RIMMEL ‘ScandalEyes’ Kohl Pencil | ‘Black’
ISADORA ‘All Day Long Lash’ Mascara
PRIMARK ‘PS Love This’ EyeBrow Pencil | ‘Dark Brown’
MAC ‘ProLongWear Waterproof Brow Set’ | ‘Quiet Brunette’

URBAN DECAY ‘Ultimate Ozone’ Primer Pencil
NYX ‘Dolly Pink’ Lip Pencil
URBAN DECAY ‘Savage’ Revolution High-Colour Lip Gloss

Reaching Extreme Lengths with Redken...

(PR Samples)
Woah! I hadn't realised that it was so long since my last blog post, Bad Beauty Blogger!!!
Anyhow... I was recently sent the Redken 'Extreme Length' Primer & 'Extreme Length' Sealer to test out and have been using them for about a month or so now. 
I have been using the primer religiously with almost every hair wash as I'm out of the Lee Stafford 'Hair Growth Treatment' and figured this would be a good alternative since it basically claims to do the same thing!... ie. make your hair grow supa-dupa long :) But I've only used the sealer a hand-full of times as it's aimed at people with split ends and since getting 3 inches chopped off my hair, it's not really something I'm dealing with right now.
The first thing I noticed about this duo is the snazzy packaging and in particular the striking shade of blue used on the bottle and tube. So so pretty ^_^
Now I know that pretty packaging does not maketh an amazing product, but it certainly does add to the overall package. I tend to be disappointed by dull packaging, and these two are far from dull looking!

I'll start off with the Primer as it's what I've been using the most and have just finished up the bottle.
It comes in a hard 150ml (5fl oz.) bottle with a pump action dispenser which is quite handy when in the shower.
As I mentioned above, I was using this as a replacement for my beloved Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and while I did like it and how it made my hair feel, it didn't quite give me the same 'Wow' factor I get from my Beloved! Now saying that, it is a really nice hair treatment and easily a lot better than many others I have tried in the past.
This is marketed for 'distressed hair' and the wonder ingredient in this formula is biotin, which supposedly strengthens the hair follicle and encourages hair growth. Though applied topically won't be near as beneficial as taking oral supplements. Either way, Biotin supports and re-enforces keratin, which is the protein that makes up the hair. 
My hair felt healthy and sleek after using this but not quite as lush as it does after using Lee Stafford's offering. It says to leave it on for 2-5 minutes in-between shampooing and conditioning but as with every treatment, I try to leave it on as long as possible and would usually reach closer to 10 minutes! 
Not sure I'd run out to purchase this but I did enjoy it well enough while I was using it.

Next up is the Extreme Lengths Sealer which is a split end treatment for distressed hair. This is basically a leave-in serum that can be applied to either damp or dry hair. It is dispensed through a brush applicator and should be applied throughout the mid-lengths and the ends. I applied wayyyy too much on my first go and it totally weighed my fine hair down and made it sticky and heavy. I applied a lot less next time but I did find that I had to be very careful using the brush applicator as it was just too easy to apply too much product... and for any subsequent applications, I applied the product to my hands and ran through the ends of my hair using my fingers. So the moral of this little story is that I don't love the brush applicator. In regards to the formula itself, it is a thick translucent gel that is again biotin based and despite my complaining of my initial botched attempt, it is really nice when applied sparingly to the very ends of the hair.
I would be more likely to apply the product throughout the mid-lengths of thicker, more coarse hair, but in fine hair like my own, applying it to the ends is more than sufficient.
And on a small side note, I accidentally applied it as a hand cream when needing to find a home for some excess product I had squeezed out and couldn't believe how amazingly soft my skin felt after! Plus it has a really pleasant smell.  
So while we had a slightly rocky start, i have grown rather fond of the sealer, though I'm not applying it after every wash, maybe once a week or so.
It comes in a 50ml (1.7fl oz) squeezy tube with a brush applicator as mentioned above.

Both are available now!

Promising to be a better beauty blogger from now on...

Friday, May 1, 2015

My Everyday Makeup | GRWM | Makeup Tutorial

Hey Lovelies ^_^
After a short 2 week hiatus from doing makeup tutorials (that actually felt like forever in Youtube land), I am back with a 'Get Ready With Me' or GRWM video where I talk ye all through my makeup application of my current everyday go-to makeup look.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW! Urban Decay; Summer '15 Collection.

Urban Decay Summer '15 Collection releases. Sent as PR samples.

Urban Decay's Summer '15 Collection is launching on May 1st here in Ireland and I was very lucky to be sent some of the gorgeous products being released with the Collection. There are totally new products, shade extensions to existing ranges and new textures/finishes.

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Top 5 EyeShadow Primers.

Find out what my current favourite and most used eyeshadow primers and bases are!!


MAC Mascaras; Reviews & Swatches... and how to Remove Mascara like a PRO!!

I was recently sent a really cool MAC Mascara Roll containing 6 of MAC's current mascaras. Along with the MAC Mascara's I already have in my kit, I have all of them with several multiples (Well there's only 1 I don't have). So in this video I review, show and swatch all of the mascaras so you can see how they look on and what each different one does!

And all the swatches...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nivea Q10Plus 'In-Shower Body Moisturiser'... A moisturiser you wash off!?

Nivea Q10Plus Firming 'In-Shower Body Moisturiser' is an innovative new type of moisturiser that you apply in the shower under running water after you've washed yourself, and then you rinse off before getting out of the shower! Basically think of it as conditioner for the skin, so the same as hair conditioner which you apply after shampoo but wash off.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Body Mods & Alternative Style in the Beauty Industry; My Experience

My Experience with having piercings and tattoos while working in the Beauty Industry. When it's suitable to wear piercings etc and when it's not so suitable in my experience.

Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial!

For easter just gone, instead of doing a makeup tutorial inspired by Easter colours etc, this year I decided to do a Cruelty Free makeup tutorial featuring products by NYX, ELF, Urban Decay, Wet n Wild, Zoeva, Barry M and SmashBox! Some of the products are Vegan also, and I let ye know throughout the video which products are vegan and what's not!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Huge Irish Beauty Collaboration!!

HUGE Irish Collaboration!!! 
Hey Guys, this video is part of the biggest Irish Beauty Collaboration to date featuring 8 Irish YouTuber's in total, all of whom are listed below along with what they'll be covering in their videos and the links....

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Video Round-up!

I seem to have fallen behind quite a bit in regards to updating my blog and adding my Youtube videos etc due to unavoidable and unexpected 'real life' complications, so here's a round-up of of my Youtube videos from the past 2 weeks or so...


First up is a video showcasing some new Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes that I was using in my recent Makeup MasterClass....

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fingers, Brush or Sponge? The Ultimate 'How to Apply your Foundation' Video!

Sometimes it takes me a while of playing around with a new foundation to figure out how best to apply it, whether to use my fingers, a brush (and which one) or a sponge...

Monday, March 30, 2015

'Hand & Nail Balm' by Roger & Gallet

I'm a bit batty for these new hand & nail balms by Roger & Gallet, which is something I never thought I'd be saying... I mean, they're hand creams. Not the most exciting products in the world BUT these both smell and feel extremely luxurious on the skin! 

Lipstick as Concealer!!??... and General Colour Correcting.

Lipstick Concealer?!

This has been going around the various beauty communities of the web lately along with a lot of mis-information, so I gave it a go myself to show how lipstick can actually be used as a colour correcting concealer!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Makeup MasterClass; March '15.

I started holding Makeup Classes along with my colleague and good friend Hayley Coleman last November, and on Sunday just past, we held our 3rd class to date in the very posh G-Hotel, Galway and we were both delighted with how it went, despite my running at about 30% with a bad migraine. Thankfully Hayley (the legend!) really saved the day, taking the reigns and helping me survive afternoon.
Despite my health issues though, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone!!!