Monday, June 29, 2015

Bourjois 'Sweet Kiss Gloss' 10hr Hydration

The 3 shades I received in my goodie bag, see below*
Continuing on with my Bourjois posts, up next is their new 'Sweet Kiss Gloss' 10hr Hydration formula.
It is possibly the most comfortable lipgloss I've ever tried on my lips and I absolutely love the moist formula. It is super hydrating thanks to it's "vegetable oil-enriched formula... that doesn't feel sticky on the skin"** and I can absolutely guarantee that there is zero stickiness to these after wearing them for a few days in a row now!!!
They have released 6 shades in the range which are;
01. Sand-Sation*
(A peachy Beige)
02. Rose Qui Peut 
(Light Frosty Pink)
03. As De Pink
(Reddish Pink)
04. Incogni-Rose*
(Nude Pink)
05. Orange Pressée
(Bright Tangerine)
06. Carton Rouge*
(Bright Strawberry Red)

They promise a "Shine, Bare Lip Sensation" which they do indeed deliver, the brush applicator paints on the gloss really smoothly and without overloading or 'glopping' it on.

L-R; 01. Sand-Sation, 06. Carton Rouge, 04. Incogni-Rose.

Surprisingly for such a non-sticky formula, it claims to offer 10 hour continuous hydration which is down to that oil** mentioned above which is supposedly famous for it's "nourishing properties".
These have no shimmer or glitter particles, but are extremely smooth and fresh feeling on the lips and they do genuinely have a wet feel to them!!

A surprising thumbs up from me considering they are glosses and I am not usually bothered by glosses.
(Not a sponsored post btw)

These are retailing for RRP €10.49 each and available from....
(all UK)


as well as instore at Boots and Superdrug.

and are available now!!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Bourjois 'Aqua Blush' for Summer 2015

One of the most exciting releases by Bourjois this summer is their brand new 12hr Aqua Blush formula.
These are fluid gel blushes that I think are somewhere in-between the Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Blushes and the Daniel Sandler Watercolour (liquid) Blushes.
There are four shades in the collection including;
01 Ingé-nude 
02 Cocoricorail
(I haven't the faintest clue how this is pronounced!)
03 Pink Twice 
04 Berry Nice

These are the ultimate nude-skin accessories that will add a gorgeous radiant glow and flush to the skin but with a transparency that allows your own skin to show through.
These are also totally customisable thanks to the smooth fluid texture so you can have a play and mix two or more to personalise your own shade. And you can build up colour intensity with these as well.

I got the shades 02 Cocoricorail & 04 Berry Nice in the goodie bag I received at the #BourjoisSummer Dublin Even earlier in the month and have definitely been taken by the new fresh formula.
The texture is a light gel that blends easily into the skin and actually feels fresh and cool on the skin, but dries down to a natural comfortable finish. 
If I have one small complaint about these it is that one full pump is too much product for the cheeks, so you have to be careful not to press the pump all the way down when dispensing the product. Half a pump is more than enough!

Left; 04 Berry Nice
Right' 02 Cocoricorail

These cost €10.49 (£8.99UK) for 10ml of product and are available online from;
(all UK)


as well as instore at Boots and Superdrug.

Available from this month and highly recommended my me :D
You can see my first impressions application of the Cocoricorail shade here...



Strobing is the newest makeup fad on the block and unless you've been living under a very dull rock you've probably heard something about it or at least seen this meme in your FaceBook timeline!...

or this one...

And the beautiful image that's become the omnipresent example of the trend is one of the amazing Alex Box's creations at Issey Miyake. (She's the Creative Director for Illamasqua fyi)

In a nutshell, Strobing is highlighting in the absence of contouring to bring dimension to the face.

To learn more about the trend and see my full demonstration, watch this short video...

Hope it helps!!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bourjois 'Parisian Summer' Sun Collection 2015

For their summer and sun inspired offerings this year, Bourjois have released 4 'easy-to-use sun make-up products' including a BB Cream, a mattifying Bronzing Powder, a melting mousse-like Complexion Perfector and Tinted Dry Body Oil.
The online-exclusive collection has been inspired by the elegance of the Chic Parisian Woman, the blue and red striping on the packaging hinting at the marine influence.
There is also an elegance to the design and the packaging, especially with the Body Oil bottle, and there promises to be a product for every complexion and skin-type! 

The first of these is the BB 8-in-1 Bronzing Cream with SPF15 and promised hydration for up to 24hr's.
This is described as having 'A Flawless Natural Glow' with 'UVB SPF15 Protection'. The unfortunate exclusion of UVA protection means that A. you are not protected against the harmful ageing rays (and remember both UVA & UVB rays can cause cancer) and B. You will need to layer a separate UVA sun protection cream under the BB Cream to sufficiently protect your delicate facial skin if out in the sun.
The 8 benefits are;

1. Golden Glow Effect
2. Even Skin Tone
3. Radiance
4. 24-hr Hydration
5. Tan Enhancement
 (this is a bit cheeky since it's basically the same as #1)
6. Fresh Effect (?)
7. Sun Protection  Factor 15
8. High Humidity Resistance

(I personally think products that claim multiple effects take liberties with wording to double up on so-called 'effects' but I digress.... )

It has a medium creamy texture and is available in 2 shades;
Light Glow & Dark Glow.
RRP €11.99 for 30ml.

Next up is the Sunlight Elixir Tinted Dry Body Oil also with SPF 15 protecting against the burning UVB rays.
This is a scented, non-greasy, dry oil with golden pigments suspended within what offers a 'natural radiant golden veil' and a pearly sheen... which sounds fierce sexy all-together! 
This can be used on the face as well as the body as long as the eyes and eye area are avoided.
Using this, according to the blurb, will leave the skin smooth, even looking and soft.
The one shade available comes in a pretty pump action bottle and is available for RRP €16.99 for 50ml.

The Sun Illusion Tinted Perfector is a mousse-like product in a 18ml pot that is somewhat like a softer, more affordable version of the Chanel de Tan by Chanel.
It promises a 'smooth and even sun-kissed complexion' or a golden tan-like glow.
It is not unlike a bronzing foundation with a light texture, and refines the look of pores while evening out the skin-tone.
While it does set or dry down after application, it's supposed to be non-drying on the skin.
Unlike the first 2 mentioned, this offers no sun protection factor.
It also comes in 2 shades;
Light Glow & Dark Glow.
RRP €11.99

And finally we have the Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder. This is the most suitable formula for people with fairer skin-tones who don't want to venture too far from their natural complexion.
This is a matte smooth powder with absolutely no illumination or pearlescence to the finish, making it perfect for both bronzing and contouring.
It is supposed to smooth the skin, refine pores and keep the skin shine free.
Again with 2 shades available;
Light Glow & Dark Glow.
This is available for RRP€10.49 for 18grams of product.

These are all online exclusives and are available for a limited time from;
(all UK)


Definitely worth checking out by you golden-skin-loving girls (and guys) before they are gone!
I'll be giving the powder a go the next time I decide to go for a bronzed look.
Let me know if any of you have tried any of these out yet?


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Max Factor 'Colour Intensity Balms' | Hint, Tint or Pop!

I love when new cosmetic formulas come into being... We live in a time where everything is copied or 'inspired by' but every now-and-again we get something shiny & new to placate our makeup junkie urges. 
Welcome the new Max Factor 'Colour Intensity Balm'.
This is a lipstick / lip-balm hybrid formula that offers the hydration and comfort of a balm, but the buildable colour and pigment intensity of a lipstick! 
The idea with these being that you can apply a single to 2 coats for a hydrated yet sheer effect, or to up the amp, you can apply up to 5 coats to achieve the maximum colour intensity & pay-off!
There are nine shades available in the range running from a pale cool pink (05. Sumptuous Candy) to fiery corals, dusky pinks, bold reds and a deep dark burgundy chocolate colour! (45. Rich Chocolate)

On the moisturising side of things, there are emollients and occlusives (70% according to the info I received) at play that help to retain the skin's natural moisture and protect against damaging elements by forming a comfortable barrier. The formula also contains nourishing mango, shea and cocoa butters!
Then on the colour side of things, micro-fine mica particles help up the ante by creating a luminous light reflecting effect. It is specially formulated so that by layering the product, you can build up the colour opacity and intensity for a 'transformative' effect.
These will be great for sahara-lipped creatures like myself or for anyone who has to spend a lot of time in air-conditioned offices etc which can dry out every bit of exposed skin.

The packaging is light-weight plastic so won't add any weight to the handbag.
These are available since May and are retailing for RRP€11.49 here in Éire.

I've only worn 2 of the 9 colours but am liking what I've tried so far!!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

'Cocoa Blend' Makeup Tutorial | w/ AFFORDABLE Makeup Products.

I actually uploaded this tutorial last month over on the 'Tube but am slightly (0_o) behind on updating my blog mainly due to computer issues (a little due to draggin' my arse) ...
Anyhu, This is a makeup tutorial featuring the new(ish) Zoeva EyeShadow Palette and mostly affordable makeup products (under €10).
The beautiful Cocoa Blend palette is available from Zoeva's main site as well as  and is easily one of my favourite palettes from this year so far!

PR sample sent for consideration.
And here's the look I created using some of the colours from the palette...

Watch the video to see the entire application process step-by-step!


CATRICE ’Nude Illusion’ Foundation
MAYBELLINE ‘Fit Me’ Concealer
CATRICE ‘Cream Camouflage’ Concealer
NARS Translucent ‘Crystal’ Light Reflecting Setting Powder**
NYX ‘Taupe’ Blush
CATRICE ‘Coral Me Maybe’ Illuminating Blush
ELF ‘MoonLight Pearl’ Baked Highlighter

REAL TECHNIQUES ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’
ZOEVA ‘Luxe Crease’ Brush
ZOEVA ‘Petite Crease’ Brush
ZOEVA ‘Winged Liner’ Brush
ZOEVA ’Soft Definer’ Brush
No.7 ‘Contour & Highlight’ Dual Ended Brush
BLANK CANVAS COSMETICS ‘F32’ Small Contour Brush

CATRICE ‘Prime & Fine’ Eye Base
ZOEVA ‘Cocoa Blend’ Palette (available June 1st)**
*Bitter Start (Light Cream)
*Pure Ganache (Gold Foil)
*Substitute for Love (Medium Warm Brown)
*Freshly Toasted (Deeper Warm Brown)
*Delicate Acidity (Light Mauve)
*Warm Notes (Cranberry)
*Bitter End (Gold/Beide DuoChrome)
*Beans are White (Blackish/Charcoal)
RIMMEL ScandalEyes Kohl ‘Black’ 001
NYX ‘Collection Noir’ Black Liquid EyeLiner
MAX Factor ‘2000 Calorie’ Mascara
CATRICE ‘Brown-Eyed-Peas’ EyeBrow Stylist
L’ORÉAL ‘Brow Artist Plumper’ Brow Gel

L’ORÉAL ‘Lip Liner by Color Riche’ Lip Couture | ‘Beige á Nu’ 630

RIMMEL ‘Apocalips’ Lip Laquer | ‘Celestial’

(**Only products that cost over €10)


Make your Nose look Smaller | Natural Contour

If I had money to burn and wasn't terrified of the prospect of plastic surgery, I would absolutely consider getting my nose fixed, but saying that, it'll probably never happen. (Especially of my boyfriend has any say in it!) So for now, I rely on makeup and the magic of contouring to fake a slimmer more symmetrical looking snoz.
Learn how to make your nose look smaller or slimmer by contouring from a professional makeup artist... (That would be me of course :P) 
I show how to contour with cream and powder to achieve a natural effect!

And as always, I hope it helps!!

Perfect Black Smokey Eye | Step by Step (For beginners)

Hey Guys! 
Sorry for the extended absences lately, my computer is on it's last legs and making even checking e-mails a chore so I am putting all my energy into trying to stay on top of editing videos to keep up with my Youtube upload schedule. Today's video is a step-by-step how-to guide to perfect the Black Smokey Eye.
Apart from liquid eyeliner, the black smokey eye tops the most difficult makeup looks to perfect. In this video I break down the application process into 10 easy-to-follow steps so that anyone can master the professional grade smokey eye with a little practice!
Apologies for the over (and under) exposed parts of the videos, I was using natural light and it kept going from super sunny to cloudy & dull which I wasn't always aware of on time and my poor camera kept going too dark/too bright to adjust :(

MAX FACTOR 'Pale Pebble' Wild Shadow Pot
NARS 'Crystal' Translucent Face Powder
NYX 'Black Bean' Jumbo Pencil
SMASHBOX Black Kohl Pencil
CATRICE 'The Captain of the Black Pearl' EyeShadow 
BOURJOIS 'Intense Shadow Pot' #11
MAC 'Extended Play GigaBlack Lash' Mascara

Hope it helps!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

NARS Translucent 'Crystal' Light Reflecting Setting Powder...

I have a new favourite setting powder smile emoticon It's flippin' gorgeous and gives you a radiant yet matte finish... find out all about it here...

What are your favourite setting powders?? 

Graduation Makeup Tutorial | LetzMakeup

As it's graduation season again and loads of you guys requested I create a graduation appropriate makeup look, here it is!!

...Though this would be suitable for any summertime formal occasion. The eyes are fairly simple but striking and the pop of pink on the lips really gives it that summertime feel.
This is not a sponsored video however most of the Smashbox makeup was given to me by PRs. All opinions are my own as always.
And with all that out of the way, I hope you all like the look!


All products by SMASHBOX* unless otherwise stated;

*’PhotoFinish’ Foundation Primer
*’Studio Skin’ 15 hr Wear Hydrating Foundation
MAC ‘ProLongWear’ Concealer NC15
*’PhotoFinish’ Lid Primer 
*’Full Exposure palette’
*’Limitless Eye Liner’
*’Full Exposure’ Mascara
*’Step by Step Contour Stick’
*’Brow Tech to Go’ Brow Crayon | Brunette
*’Bronze Lights’ Bronzer
*’Baked Star Blush’ | Fusion Soft Light
*’Paris Pink’ Matte LipStick

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Great Makeup under €10!

Find out some of the great products available that all cost less that €10 :D

(ALL PRODUCTS under €10.00)

CATRICE ‘All Matt Plus’ Foundation
CATRICE ‘Nude Illusion’ Foundation
CATRICE ‘Photo Finish 18hr Infinite’ Foundation

CATRICE ‘Prime & Fine’ Mattifying Waterproof Powder
SEVENTEEN ‘Define & Conquer’ Contour Kit

NYX ‘Taupe’ Blush
NYX ‘Pinky’ Blush
CATRICE 'Coral Me Maybe’ Illuminating Blush
ELF ‘MoonLight Pearl’ Baked Highlighter

CATRICE ‘Camouflage Cream’ Concealer
MAYBELLINE ‘Fit Me’ Concealer

5. TOOLS (Application Products)...
REAL TECHNIQUES ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’
BLANK CANVAS ‘F32’ Small Contour Brush
ZOEVA ‘Luxe Crease’ Brush
ZOEVA ‘Petite Crease’ Brush

MAX FACTOR ‘2000 Calorie’ Dramatic Look Mascara
CATRICE ‘Ultimate Lash Maximiser’ Mascara
CATRICE ‘Eye Brow Stylist’ Pencil | ‘Brown-Eyed-Peas’
L’Oréal ‘Brow Artist Plumper’ Brow Gel

NYX ‘Collection Noir’ Liquid Black EyeLiner
BOURJOIS ‘Kohl & Contour’ Duo | ‘Shadow & Light’
RIMMEL SCANDALEYES Waterproof Kohl Pencil ’Nude’
RIMMEL SCANDALEYES Waterproof Kohl Pencil ’Black’
RIMMEL SCANDALEYES Waterproof Kohl Pencil ’Bright Blue’

8. LIPS...
L’Oréal Lip Liner Couture by Color Riche  'Beige á Nu’
NYX Lip Liner ‘Dolly Pink’
NYX ButterGloss ‘Eclair’
RIMMEL ‘Apocalips’ Lips
WET n’ WILD LipSticks (907C)

MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo ‘Light Purple’ 85
MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo ‘On & on Bronze’
BOURJOIS ’24 HR Color Editions’
CATRICE ‘Prime & Fine’ EyeShadow Primer

BOURJOIS ‘Onbre á Paupiere’ 08
CATRICE ‘Captain of the Black Pearl’ EyeShadow
MAX FACTOR Wild Shadow Pot ‘Pale Pebble’
ESSENCE I Love Nude EyeShadow ‘Creme Brulée’

Hope it helps!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Roger & Gallet 'Fleur de Figuier' Eau de Parfum

So it turns out that my favourite perfumes are ones that smell floral or fruity, or both. Anything too overly musky is a bit of an assault on my throat and in gereral too much perfume on anyone can tend to make me gag!
Back to the subject of this post which is the 'Fleur de Figuier' Eau de Parfum by Roger & Gallet.
This is one of the rare fragrances that have agreed with me enough to actually make it onto my skin, and for anyone who knows me, that's saying a lot!! I almost NEVER wear anything scented on my body, that includes deodorant, moisturisers, body sprays and shower creams. I generally avoid all of the above, UNLESS that is I come across something that entices me to make an exception which is what happened with this guy.

This 'Eau de Parfum' was created by world renowned Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian for the brand & is their first ever Eau de Parfum. According to the press release, "the fig tree is one of Kurkdjian's favourite fruits" and he was eager to capture it's essence in this fragrance.
I have been using the 'Fleur de Figuier Hand & Nail Balm' religiously for months now and love not only how it smells but how soft it makes my hands, and I am used to it, which is probably why I took to this fragrance.
As I've mentioned on numerous occasions in the past, I am rubbish at describing scents, this one is described as a "modern floral Chypre scent"... Chypre, for anyone else as ignorant about perfume as I am, is the name for the family of fragrances that have citrus top-notes, musky base-notes & middle notes of something called 'cistus labdanum' (?).
I think it's the citrusy 'tangy mandarin' top-notes that I am so enamoured by. It does contain a hint of musk at the base but not overwhelmingly so.

The bottle itself is rather beautiful and was designed by Martin Szekely, a french designer.
Being a major purple lover I am also totally enamoured by the outer box packaging. Basically it's a good all-rounder package!
This retails for €49.00 and is available in select pharmacies throughout Ireland!

What are your favourite fragrances??


Inglot has finally arrived in Galway!!

It has been a long time coming but Inglot Cosmetics has finally made it's way to Galway!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Matrix 'Oil Wonders' Hair Oils

Time to get back to the blog now that I've successfully moved house and am *nearly* settled in and organised!
I've had this hair oil by Matrix for a good few weeks now, possible months actually(!) and where I had always shied(?) away from hair oils in the past due to having such fine hair, I have slowly come around to quite liking certain oils that don't turn my noggin into a lank, greasy mess.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kérastase 'Resistance Thérapiste' Collection

Résistance Thérapiste by Kérastase is basically medicine for the hair... for over processed and over styled hair that is in need of some major TLC.
If your hair is dry, brittle, rough to the touch or full-on damaged then these are for you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Beauty Blender™ -V- Inglot 'Pro Blending Sponge'

Hey Guys!

In this video I pit 'The Beauty Blender'™Sponge (€28 IRL) against the Inglot 'Pro Blending Sponge' (€12 IRL) to see which performs the best... 
Let the battle commence! 
tongue emoticon

Defined BRIDAL Makeup Tutorial | Loads of Tips!

I have been getting a load of requests to create a bridal makeup look, or just to do a general bridal tutorial to share some tips for the day, and this folks is the result of those requests!
I won't apologise for the 23 minute run-time of the video as I think it's very important to let people know exactly why I am using the products I am using and how I am applying them, so that you guys out there who want to know will understand how to achieve long-lasting flawless makeup.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Isa Dora 'Lash Styler Mascara'

PR Sample. Image from
Well now, did someone go a bit overboard with the oul photoshoppin' when adding the finishing touches to the promo picture for IsaDora's 'Volume Lash Styler' mascara above(?!)... 
it was probably unnecessary as this mascara can look amazing when applied to the right lashes. 
If you follow my Youtube channel, you may have seen me use this mascara to death in recent videos, and even on my long-enough but kinda thin lashes it looks really decent and does give a nice "fanned out effect", as promised.

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards | I am nominated!

Hey Guys smile emoticon 
I am delighted to have been nominated for 5 categories in this years Irish Beauty Blog Awards!! I have been added to the shortlists for;
Best Vlogger
Best Content
Best Beauty Blogger
Best Social media
Best Overall

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spotlight Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips ft. MAC, Urban Decay and more!

What a lip! 
The glorious shade of pink on my lips is brought to us via Urban Decay's ‘Savage’ Revolution High-Colour Lip Gloss which I am, not surprisingly, utterly in love with. It really makes this look for me and is accompanied  in the range by several other lovely, newly released shades.
You can find out more about those along with Urban Decay's other Summer releases here...