Monday, November 29, 2010

Festive/Holiday Makeup using E.L.F 32 Colour Palette ^_^

Hey Guys:)

So here's another Christmas/Holiday inspired Makeup Tutorial that was created using a palette that was sent to me by EyesLipsFace or E.L.F!!

The 32 Colour Palette is available on the UK website for £9.00 (€10 I think!!)

It's a really lovely Palette regardless of price, but it's price tag definately sweetens the deal for me anyhow!!

Here are swatches of all the colours.....

Top row

Row 2

Row 3

Bottom row

My favourite row in total is row 2 but the palette as a whole is really nice and the pigmentation for the most part is suprisingly good! Of course there are a few colours that barely show up as you can see on the top row but they are still usuable if packed on top of a tacky base or primer.

One down-fall for me is that the shadows are almost too soft and the powder breaks up very easily when you dip your brush into it.
Also, it could do with a better selection of highlight colours and a matte neutral shade.
Apart from that though it's a nice palette.

Also in the video is the nail varnish "Metal Madness" that retails for £1.50! Pretty Price Tag!!

And I have been wearing it for 4 days now and I've almost no chipping!!
Anyhow, That's it for today!!

Chat soon ^_^


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Applying Concealer..... When, how & why?!

Hi Guys,

I get asked a tonne about when in the actual makeup process (steps) you should apply concealer. A lot of people are under the impression that concealer should be applied BEFORE their foundation but in fact it makes much more sense to apply concealer AFTER any liquid or cream bases. There are a few exceptions however.
Here are a few guide lines that will hopefully help clarify some of this for ye.

* When wearing liquid, cream, mousse or gel foundations.....
Apply your concealer after these "wet" type of foundations as often times, the foundation in itself will provide adequate coverage. Also applying foundation after concealer will probably move the concealer and just require you to re-apply anyhow.

* When wearing powder foundation or powder alone.....
Apply your concealer before any powder products as cream or liquid concealers will cake over powders and enhance the problem.

* When wearing concealer alone.....
Apply concealer in a shade that perfectly matches the surrounding skin of the problem area (After oxidisation if applicable) and blend it into the surrounding area. Press a small amount of a finely milled setting powder over the concealer to set.
Brush away excess.

*If using colour corrector concealers.....
In this instance, apply the corrector PRE foundation as the shade will need to be covered and neutralised to blend in with your skin tone. Take care applying the foundation over the corrector in order not to disturb the coverage.

*Eye Concealer.....
I prefer to apply my under-eye concealer after my eye makeup is complete if there is a danger of some of the product (i.e. eyeshadow or pigment) falling down on my under-eye area. It saves you some work in most cases. If I am using makeup that causes no fall-out then I will often apply my concealer before my eye makeup. 
I have found that this is a personal thing so it's worth trying both ways and discovering which works best for your own needs.

Hope this helps!

Take Care,

Favourite Blending Brushes ^_^

Hi Guys:)
I get asked ALOT about what brushes I use and my brush collection so I'll be making a series of videos showing ye my favourite brushes.
This first one is all about my blending brushes.
I'll be more videos on .....

Shader & Smudge Brushes
Eyeliner & Eyebrow Brushes
Foundation & Concealer Brushes
Powder Brushes
And Random brushes (ie. Lip, fan etc)

Brushes mentioned.....

Mac 224
Sigma SS224
Mac 217
No.7 "Eyeshadow Blending & Contour Brush"
Álainn Professional "Blending Brush"
Sigma SS217
Mac 225
Daniel Sandler "Blending Brush"
Álainn Professional "Deer Hoof" Brush
EveryDay Minerals "Mini Kabuki" Brush
E.l.f. "Contour Brush"
No.7 Eyeshadow Brush
N.Y.X Makeup Artist Brush (Tapered blending brush)
Álainn Professional "Small Tapered contour brush"
Álainn Professional "Tapered Blending Brush"

Take Care,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dramatic Smokey Gold Party Look!!..... #3

This Christmas inspired look is my favourite so far of the bunch.....

Product List:
Mac "Rubenesqua" Paint Pot
Mac "WoodWinked" EyeShadow
Urban Decay (From "The Black Palette")
* Virgin
Mac "Feline" Kohl Pencil
Inglot Matte Black EyeShadow
Salon System "Boho Lash" False Lashes
Bourjois "Healthy Mix" Foundation in #51.
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light
Mac "Well Dressed" Blusher
Mac "Sculpt" Powder
Mac "Viva Glam 2" LipStick
Mac "Reflects Transparent Pink"


Welcome to!!!

Hey Everyone:)
I finally got my backside in gear and have got up & running!!
It's going to be a work in progress I'm sure over the next few weeks until I get the hang of things, but please bear with me in the mean time!
I plan on uploading all new makeup videos from my youtube channel to here on the same day as well as a full product list and any other information needed to accompany the video.
I'm sure I will be adding other features as I go along, and as I discover them.
Please feel free to "follow" me and make sure to leave me your feed back:)
Thanks a million guys and welcome!!

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