Monday, November 29, 2010

Festive/Holiday Makeup using E.L.F 32 Colour Palette ^_^

Hey Guys:)

So here's another Christmas/Holiday inspired Makeup Tutorial that was created using a palette that was sent to me by EyesLipsFace or E.L.F!!

The 32 Colour Palette is available on the UK website for £9.00 (€10 I think!!)

It's a really lovely Palette regardless of price, but it's price tag definately sweetens the deal for me anyhow!!

Here are swatches of all the colours.....

Top row

Row 2

Row 3

Bottom row

My favourite row in total is row 2 but the palette as a whole is really nice and the pigmentation for the most part is suprisingly good! Of course there are a few colours that barely show up as you can see on the top row but they are still usuable if packed on top of a tacky base or primer.

One down-fall for me is that the shadows are almost too soft and the powder breaks up very easily when you dip your brush into it.
Also, it could do with a better selection of highlight colours and a matte neutral shade.
Apart from that though it's a nice palette.

Also in the video is the nail varnish "Metal Madness" that retails for £1.50! Pretty Price Tag!!

And I have been wearing it for 4 days now and I've almost no chipping!!
Anyhow, That's it for today!!

Chat soon ^_^


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