Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blending out Eyeshadow..... tips and tricks ^_^

Howdy Everyone!

Mastering well blended eyeshadow seems to be up there with mastering liquid liner for many of you, well those who contact me through my Youtube channel at least. To get a nice blend does require a little practice as well as a few techniques, and very importantly, the right tools!!

*I would first advise doing your eye makeup before your foundation, this will allow for any fall out from blending eyeshadows to be cleaned away easily without you having to re-do your base!

*Next, remember that powder eyeshadows will blend much easier over a smooth, dry base. This is achieved by applying a powder base to the lids before applying the colour shadow.
Translucent face powder or a nude coloured eyeshadow will work best.
If you want to apply a cream eyeshadow or tacky base of some sort first, for the shadow to adhere to (to make it more vibrant or intense), then just apply your base powder down from the brow to where the cream base ends. This will allow you to still have a smooth blend above your crease line.

*Spend as long as you need when blending the eyeshadow. Adding a little shadow at a time and blending as you go will make life much easier on yourself. And so as to not compromise the colour intensity of your shadow, only blend around the edges of the shadow shape that you are trying to achieve!

*Having a blending or crease brush is extremely important when working on a seemless blend. A dense & fluffy, dome shaped brush will work best for this. Check out my video & post on my favourite blending brushes HERE
One more thing to remember when it comes to brushes, it that natural haired bristles will blend powder products much better than synthetic fibre brushes.

*The best example of a perfect blended eyeshadow is the "Smokey Eye". Most people seem to think that this means a black or gray coloured eye but it just means any eyeshadow colour that is applied to the lids and blended out to almost nothing, as if faded into your skin.

Anyhow, out with your brushes, whatever colours you like, and remember to BLEND BLEND BLEND ^_^

Have Fun Guys:)
Chat soon!

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