Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Favourite Smudge/Pencil Brushes!!

Hey Guys!!

So on the back of my last favourite brushes video/post .....
..... where I shared with ye my favourite blending brushes, here is my favourite Smudge/Pencil brushes!!

Firstly are the Mac 219 & Sigma *SS219 (*now the E30)  (The latter is a direct duplicate of the MAC one).
The Sigma one is almost identical in size and shape but slightly less tapered and less tightly packed!
Price difference is quite significant with Mac's being $24.50 compared to $9.00 but I personally find that the Mac brushes have a longer life span!

(My camera was on the blink so I sourced the above picture from http://www.MyBeautyFeeds.com)

The Everyday Minerals Brushes are definitely little gems, the second being littler but no less lovely!
And they cost only around $6.00 each!!
The Eye Smudge Brush

And the Baby Kabuki Brush ^_^

The ELF (or EyesLipsFace) Contour Brush is from the Pro "Studio" range and is only a teeny tiny £3.50 (or $3.00)
Definitely worth a look if in a budget!!

The NYX B17 Smudge is one of my favourites of the bunch. I can't remember the price but I think it was in the middle of the road.

One of the pricier brushes is the Makeup Forever 14S Brush.
Such a beautifully made and soft bristled brush!! (Sorry don't know the price of this one!!)
The Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush is a very badly named brush in my opinion, or just a badly made brush, and it's not very fine or ultra! Well, now to be fair, my one is about 5 years old so hopefully they have been redesigned and made smaller! Either way, as a smudge brush it's quite nice. Again, being Bobbi Brown, one of the pricier brushes.

And last but not least is the Mac 214 smudge brush which is nice but stiff, which is a good thing if handled delicately. (I've had my poor eyes stabbed a bit by this one before thanks to overzealous brush action on a collegues part!!)

 .....And for people interested in the Álainn Professional brushes, I'll be making a introduction video to the website soon!! So keep posted for that!!

Thanks for your time ^_^
Take Care,


  1. the Everyday minerals brush looks really good. it looks like it would give a softer finish though

  2. Hey Louise:)
    Definitely a slightly softer finish, Your right:) Lovely brush all the same!

  3. I definitely need to stock up on my smudge brushes, thanks for sharing!

  4. I really love MAC's one but I think the NYX would be fantastic too!...I am looking forward to get it ^^

  5. I'm on the hunt for a smudge/pencil brush. I usually search your channel and blog to base my hunt on, but I can't watch this video. its set to private, did you mean to do that Shiv?

    Julia (lindyhopjulia)

  6. Hi Julia, Yeah sorry about that! Will be de-doing my brush series videos really soon!! xxx

  7. Hi Siobhan.
    I've gone and asked my other half for the Sigma E45 and E30 just now anyhow. But yea, you're recommendation and fave's videos are always great :)


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