Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My top 5 liquid foundations for Normal/Dry skins!

Hey Guys:)

(Some of you may have read this post before as I've just moved it from my old blog to this one!! However I plan on making a video on my favourite foundations of the moment soon so I thought it'd be a good time to add this to this blog rather than re-typing it all out again!!)

As I’ve said before, my skin type is very changeable and I often find myself with dry/dehydrated skin mostly during the cold winter months. Because of this I have tried my fair share of moisturising foundations and also have had many clients who have drier skin. I very much believe that it’s extremely important to treat dry skin as this skin type ages much quicker than it’s oilier counterpart!
So the best foundations I’ve tried & tested are.......

  1. Chanel “Vitalumiere foundation SPF 15”..... €41.00
    This is a gorgeous, dewy, moisturising foundation that is great on drier or dehydrated skins and amazing on more mature skins. It has sunblock which is basically a must for me and photographs lovely! It has a decent colour range too. The coverage is natural medium buildable but covers really well. It really lifts the complexion!

  1. MakeupForever “Liquid Lift foundation” ..... €31.00 (ish)
     I love this foundation!!!! It’s a lovely light liquid formula that’s really moisturising but not greasy. It’s supposed to have a tightening effect and so is suited to older skin in particular. Either way it just works great! My mom has a bottle she loves and I’ve finished mine:(
It comes in a great range of colours from really light to lovely darker golden browns, 14 in all. The only downside is that it has no SPF in it but this is easily remedied by using a primer or moisturiser underneath that has sunblock. I like it wayy too much for this to be a problem!!

  1. Bobbi Brown “Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15” 
     ..... €35.00 (ish)
     This foundation is really great on the more dry, parched skin. It’s super hydrating and has a lovely dewy finish. Not the heaviest of coverage but still a beautiful makeup. It does need to be set with powder as it stays slightly moist on the skin which isn’t ideal, but it actually feels gorgeous on the skin when wearing it that it’s easily overlooked! I quite like the shades available but Bobbi Browns’ foundations all being yellow based just isn’t realistic or suitable for everyone’s skin tone, especially here in Ireland. The only other downfall is that it doesn’t come with a pump.

  1. Bourjois “10hr Sleep Effect foundation” ..... €11.00 (ish)
     Another lovely Foundation, and like the Bobbi Brown is oil-free while still really moisturising, really good for dehydrated and combination/dry skin types! Again it doesn’t have sunblock, but is packed with vitamins & minerals. Great one if you’re not fond of the price tags of the others I’ve mentioned and also comes with a handy, hygenic pump! Only major problem is that is doesn’t cater for darker skin colours:(

  1. Mac “Studio Sculpt Foundation” ..... €35.00 (ish)
     This is a great one of you’re after a full coverage foundation that’s still moisturising. Care needs to be taken during application that you don’t apply too much as it can look cakey, less is definately more here but that’s a good thing as the tube goes a long way!! I always apply this over well moisturised skin but allow plenty of time for the moisturiser to sink in or blot any excess if in a hurry. It has a sunblock of SPF 15 and lasts all day if set with a little powder. It is a creamy gel formula so needs to be worked well into the skin!

Hope this helps ^_^



  1. Hi Siobhán,

    I just discovered your fantastic blog and youtube channel:) I think you are very talented and creative:)
    I agree about these liquid foundations...especially Chanel Vitalumiere. Unfortunately my shade 10 was discontinued (in my country) so I had to experiment with some other products for a few years...well I'm still searching for something similar to Vitalumiere. I think MakeupForever would be the right choice. Would you be so kind and tell me which shade of MUFE is the closest to Vitalumiere shade 10? Unfortunately in my country they don't sell MUFE in drugstores so I have to order online:(
    Thank you so much and I will definitely visit your blog and channel a lot!!!

  2. Hey Moyca, I thought that shade 20 was the palest!! 10 must have been super pale then! I would imagine that number 110 of the MakeupForever HD foundation would be the closest but I would try and get my hands on a sample first if I were you just to make sure!!

  3. Siobhán,

    thank you for really quick reply:) Yes number 10 also existed...but usually when I find something perfect for my skin something happens and they stop selling it:( I agree with you about testing it first! I'm sure I'll find something for my skin tone in their wide range of shades:)
    Thank you again!!!


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