Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My top 5 liquid foundations for Combination/Oily skins!


(So again, this post was moved from my old blog to this one so it's a little dated but I wanted it up before I make my video on my favourite foundations of the minute. I still love these foundations but a couple of new foundations that I have discovered since writing this blog may have crept into my top 5 and pushed others out!! Either way, ye'll find out shortly in my upcoming videos!!)

My skin type changes like the weather and well, with the weather, but the main type that it always falls back on once it’s settled is Combination/oily. This being oily around the nose area, normal most everywhere else and sometimes dry/sensitive around the perimeter of my face. Talk about combination!!
So the best foundations I’ve tried & tested are.......

  1. Georgio Armani “Lasting Silk UV foundation SPF20”..... €42.00
     This foundation is AMAZING! I’ve never found a foundation that ticked all the boxes before this and that includes a perfect colour match which for me is rare!! ( I’m #2). Unlike the old Hydra Glow foundation that Armani had before, this one really does last and unlike other matte foundations that often give a matte flat look to the skin, this has a luminous matte effect, almost satin finish. It’s lasts really well during the day, though after about 7-8 hrs my nose area will start to shine, which is normal. It comes with a pump, which when pressed once gives just enough product. It has a silk-like texture and you need very little product to get good coverage. Perfect!!

  1. Mac “Studio Fix Fluid” ..... €31.00 (ish)
     This is a staple foundation already for a lot of people and for good reason! It’s lasts forever and gives good coverage. If anything, you have to be careful not to apply too much. The colour range within the Mac foundation is brilliant and caters for all skin tones, however, if like me you are lighter than Nc15 which is the lightest, then you just have to make do & improvise. For me this means mixing in some white Face & Body for example. The only thing is if you have drier patches, this can feel like it’s too dry over those areas so best to avoid or just use occasionally. It also contains sunblock:)

  1. Chanel “Mat Lumiére SPF 15” ..... €41.00
    Another pricey one but well worth it! This, like the Armani one, is a luminous matte foundation, though doesn’t quite have the same to-die-for texture. I got the palest yellow toned one 05 “Faience”, but was disappointed that it looked a little too pink on me!? Being so pale, I found it washes me out a tiny bit, BUT when I mix in a little yellow/gold illuminator for example it looks way better, though sheers it out. Colour aside, the coverage is lovely and lasts pretty well during the day!

  1. Revlon “PhotoReady SPF 20” ..... €19.00 (ish)
     For a pharmacy bought foundation, this fella was a pleasant surprise! I bought it with a voucher in Boots and only paid around €11 for it at the time. Initially I was delighted with the overall performance, it had great coverage, lasted pretty well, kept shine at bay and I like the colour (002 “Vanilla”), the only downfall really was that after wearing it for a few days in a row, it started to dry my skin out:( Such a shame! However, this isn’t enough to totally put me off, and now I only wear it every now and then as I love the look.

  1. Kohl “Matte Oil-free foundation” ..... €30.00 (ish)
     Also Screenface “Matte Oil-free foundation” - same formula & shades.
This is an all round good “does-what-it-says-on-the-tin” foundation!
Unlike some of the others I’ve mentioned, this is a flat finish matte formula like the Fix Fluid by Mac. Some people might not like that but for anyone who has texture on their face that they do not want to draw attention to, this is perfect! It has pretty good staying power and decent colour range. I am close to the lightest “Linen” but again like the Mac, need to lighten it up ever so slightly. Also contains SPF.

So I hope this helps anyone with this skin type in finding the best liquid formulation for them, or any Makeup artists looking for the right foundations for their kits.

Chat soon Guys & Thanks a mil ^_^



  1. Would love to try the Georgio Armani one and the Chanel one. Need to save the spondoolies for those hehe

  2. Ha ha, You're not kidding Karen! Definitely on the pricey side but very nice ^_^

  3. Wow the Georgio Armani one sounds incredible. Bit of a budget buster but might be worth the splurge from the sounds of it :)

  4. I do love the Armani one but I suppose it's good to remember that what's amazing on me may not be so amazing on you 0_o So I'd recommend getting a sample first!! x

  5. i love the MAC studio fix fluid, but am still trying to figure out the best way to apply it. Bought the new dual fiber foundation brush from MAC, and love it, but any advice on what you recommend as being the best way to apply this one is greatly appreciated!
    love your videos!!

  6. Hi Gypsytribal,
    I love to apply it with a duo fibre brush but the trick is to apply very little at first and build it up! Less is more with it, and do one area at a time, like begin at the nose area and work your way out!! x

  7. I'm using a mineral makeup Colore Science and I like it but since I am 47 (ugh) my skin is starting to be crepe-y under my eyes and it can look dry. I have to use a very dense concealer to cover the dark circles I have had since childhood and I set it and finish covering them with the minerals. If I don't the concealer just sinks into the micro wrinkles and the darkness shows through. I am at a loss if there is something in the MAC line that could work for that, I think there was something in one of your other tut's but I couldn't find it later to check the products list. I am a hairstylist in the USA and get my pro discount at the store, so that would be helpful. I am also a combo skin t zone oily and dry in the cheeks and around my nose. I am allergic to chemical sunblock and that can be a challenge too, that's what led me to the minerals. Any advice you may have would be appreciated.

  8. Hi Cynthia,
    I'm not a fan of using any powder products around the under-eye area at all so I have to use concealers that essentially set them selves. My 2 favourite from Mac are the Select Cover-up concealer and the new Prolongwear concealer. You should go to your local counter and ask for a sample of each in your colour and try them out!! Both are quite high in pigment and I find that they cover dark circles quite well!!

  9. Hey! Just discovered your Youtube videos. They're fantastic, never thought I'd watch make-up tutorials other than Pixiwoos and it's great to hear a familiar accent! I'm on the look-out for a good make-up course in Ireland actually, even if it's just a year long or less, any advice? Anywho, I find Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation is perfect for my oily/combination skin. Lasts all day but unfortunately they dont have great variety for colour, a lot of them are very pink-toned. Luckily 'Ecru' matches me just grand!

  10. Hi Jessica!!
    I find the Double Wear much too pink also! The palest was still miles off for me! Where do you live in Ireland. The course I did with the school of makeup artistry was good for the qualifications you get out of it in the end but I felt it didn't concentrate enough on practical application. And also it was very directed towards how things go in the exam but not in "real life". There are courses in Dublin and Cork that are meant to be good but I don't know that much about them, sorry! x

  11. I'm from (don't laugh) Leitrim! I'd prefer Galway to Dublin or Cork but if a course was good enough I'd be willing to travel to one of the bigger, smellier cities! Thanks for your help and keep making videos, they're brilliant.

  12. hey:) where can i get Giorgio Armani in Ireland? I live in Limerick/Clare and can't find it:( hope you can help :) xxx

  13. Hey Aisling, You have to go to Brown Thomas in either Cork or Dublin for it:( x


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