Thursday, January 13, 2011

Share the Love ..... Irish Edition!

Hey Everyone!!
As I get told so much from Youtube viewers that it's great seeing an Irish person sticking themselves on Youtube for the world to see, I thought I'd share some of my favourite Irish Youtube peeps with ye all!! I'm subscribed to them because they are all lovely and have great talents and great channels, and I think ye'll all agree!! So check them out and go listen to more Irish babble!!
PS: We love to talk!!



  1. Nice idea to do a share the love post! I like Anna Saccone as well, even if I suppose my style is also a bit different too...

    The girl with the blue hair reminds me of my purple phase, but now that makes me feel a bit old so I'll stop reminiscing!!!


  2. I'm subbed to most of them as well!! Gotta support the Irish bai!!! Doing YouTube is harder than I thought, i done a few vids and was quite embarassed when my sister found out.... my friends i wouldnt mind so much, it's judgement from others around town I couldnt handle!! I'll stick to my new blog for the time being!! I'm happy with that but will def continue watching youtube vids including yourself Siobhan!!

  3. Thanks Girls ^_^ Glad people appreciate the Irish Youtube presence!! xx


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