Friday, January 21, 2011

Vichy "Aera Teint Pure" Fluid Foundation.

I'm in love..... with a foundation!!

So,  I'll start with the back story of my discovery of this liquid gold!! I recently started watching "JuicyTuesday" on Youtube (A little late to the party I know!). And after watching a few videos I noticed that the lovely Theresa kept raving about the Vichy "Dermablend" corrective foundation and I was interested to try it out as I have the Dermablend concealer and LOVE it!!
So I made the trip to my local Boots and went looking to test out the colours but there were no testers:(
The only tester I could find that was in any way pale was for the "Aera Teint Pure" Foundation in the colour #12 "Trés Clair, Opal" and this colour happened to be the palest, and seemed perfect from first blend, though on the back of my hand!
But as I really wanted to try the "Dermablend" one and had this stuck in my head, I decided to go away and check back in a few days time to see if they would get the tester in.
Anyhow, next day I happened to take a gander into a local pharmacy near my house, "McLoughlins", and they had the entire range as well as nice full testers! So I immediately squeezed out a little of the lightest "Dermablend" colour which is #15 "Opal" and it was too dark. I had another look at the "Aera Teint Pure" colour in #12 and again it seemed the perfect shade. Then I noticed that the foundation came in 2 formulations, a creamy one for day/sensitive skin and a fluid one for normal/combination skin which I thought was cool.
But when I saw that it cost only €18.00 I was sold!!
It's a 30ml bottle, same as most other foundations like Mac's bottled foundations etc but compared to Mac's Studio Fix Fluid, €13.00 cheaper!!!

And the rest is history!!

I got it home, have worn it every day since (On day 4 so far) and though I know it's early days yet, I just don't see a down side to this product!!

I've been testing it without any primer underneath to see how well it performs alone, and I have to say, I'm just blown away by how well it lasts and how lovely it looks on the skin.

So, mine is the Normal/Combination formulation.
It comes in a 30ml Glass bottle.... with a pump ^_^
It is supposed to be 12 hours wear,  it's a light fluid formula and gives medium coverage.

Vichy says:

Even with make-up, the skin breathes as naked skin
Action :
First range of foundations using the micro-aerated and non-occlusive technology which evens out the complexion without blocking the pores and lets the skin breath.

AERA TEINT Ideal for… :
Women of all ages with dry or normal skin.

It contains minerals, has a day friendly SPF of 20 and an anti-pollution action.

According to what I've read on the internet, there should be 5 shades
*15 Opal
*23 Ivory
*35 Sand
*46 Honey
*58 Bronze

.....But I have shade #12 Trés Clair, Opal, so clearly there is at least 6 shades. So not sure if that is a newly brought out shade or what but either way, I'm just glad I have it and that it exists!!
You could definitely say that having only 5/6 shades is a negative and there seems to be a fair jump in colour between each shade but the palest one is very pale and the darkest one is quite dark so from a makeup artists point of view, it's good enough for my kit.

I only need one pump and it blends so smoothly over my skin! In fact, there's a little left over from just the one pump so I will have to see if I can do a "Half pump" so as not to waste any of it. 
It has a natural satin-like finish that's not too matte nor is it to sheeny. I've set it with both Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and ELF's Invisible HD loose powder, and have noticed minimal shine showing through after several hours of wearing it, especially around my problem nose area.

The shade I have, #12, is quite a nice neutral shade. On the back of my hand it looks perhaps the tiniest bit pink but once blended in it just disappears and completely fades away. It lightens my face up just enough to match my paler neck and chest but doesn't look ghostly like other paler shades tend to look.

Anyhow, that's all she wrote for now, but I will come back with an update in a month or so to see if it stays up to standard.

As of now it gets a 4.5 out of 5!!

Thanks for stopping by ^_^
Take care!



  1. I must tell my daughter about this. She is very pale, and has yet to find a foundation that matches her skin. She can't afford the higher end brands that may have one that would match. This one is affordable.

  2. I've bought this foundation last April, and I've used it nearly everyday. It's got over 6 months of use and I haven't even finished half of it! I have never been so impressed by a liquid foundation in my life and it's the first time I don't even want to think about trying another one, as this is absolutely perfect!
    I only use half a pump because it's so liquid and just one dot can cover half my face. What I do is squirt as little as I can directly on my foundation brush, apply, then squirt some more as needed. That way I'm not wasting any product.

  3. Finally someone who likes this lovely foundation,YAY!:)I have a regular size in Ivory,and a sample size in 12 Trés Clair.I just love both of them.Ivory is a bit dark for me in the winter,so I'm using now the Tres Clair one,and it is the perfect colour for me.
    I also have the Norma Teint foundation,and that one is great for problematic skin (like mine),so if you want to try out a matt foundation,I highly recommend the Norma Teint one as well. :)

    I have a review about Aera Teint and Norma Teint foundations here,if you're interested :)

  4. Great vid and post. Like you I am fair and struggle to find good foundations. Love the Guelain Parure Extremr in 01 Beige Pale but it is pricy. I might give this a go. Checking out ebay now as we don't have this in Australia.

  5. Its the Dermablend version that is #15 Opal.
    In the Aera Teint it's #12. The swatch is numbered wrong.

  6. Thanks for the info! I was using the Vichy aera teint previously. I think they changed the formulation or the colour in recent times - so I must go back and check it out. Bonus that you can get it at pharmacies - saves a trapze to the city for us rural folk :)

  7. Def gonna have a look out for this. Is the Number 15 Opel one much darker than the one you have? I'm a NW20 in MAC.

  8. Hi j_moody,
    I hope your daughter likes the foundation, I know how hard it can be finding paled down enough bases!

  9. Hi Joice,
    It's nice to know I'm not alone in my admiration for this product! I was worried people would think I'm a bit bonkers for getting so excited ha ha!

  10. Evinde!! You've persuaded me to get more of the Vichy products now!! Loads of people have contacted me to say how great all their other bits are. I'm in the market for an under eye cream so hopefully they will have a good one!

  11. Hey Karyn, I haven't tried any of the Guelain foundations but I have heard good things about them!! Hope you can find the Vichy products easy enough! x

  12. You're a life saver MidnightDraven!! I was getting so confused about the shades since people were saying different things about them! Glad that's cleared up! x

  13. Ha ha, shelleyti, Us Rural folk have to stick together! Lol:P

  14. Hi Laura, I'm NC15 so Tres Clair is more my shade, I'd say that the Opal should around NW20, maybe a tad lighter, can't be sure, sorry! x

  15. Hi!! I discovered your blog and i really like it!! I'm italian so it's quite an excercise for me to watch your videos but i really love them! I'd like to ask you one thing: at the minute 5:10 you compare this Vichy foundation with another one, but...i'm afraid i didn't catch its name.. :(
    Thank for your answer and patience! Bye bye!

  16. I talk about the Laura Mercier luminous Coverage foundation at that time in the video!! xx

  17. Hiya Shiv,
    I went looking for this Vichy Aera Teint today but no luck so far.
    Boots had the Dermablend and the tubes of Teint Foundation but no liquid ones.
    I'll get it eventually with a bit of luck.
    Great review - thanks !

  18. Oh that sucks Lunamac, I did see them in Boots here. Have you Matt O'Flaherthy's Chemist there?? They carry them for sure! x


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