Monday, February 7, 2011

120 Palettes & 88 Tropical Shimmer Palette..... BH Cosmetics Review!

120 Palettes:
1st Edition ..... $29.95

 3rd Edition ..... $34.95
88 Tropical Shimmer Palette: ..... $25.95

Eye & Lip Primer ..... $11.95

Also according to the website, they do not test their products on animals ^_^

Like I say in the above video, I highly recommend these palettes, and since I've never tried the 120 palettes from other companies like Coastal Scents etc, I cannot tell ye how they compare or recommend them.

One word of warning though, that I forgot to mention in the video....
Some of the Red-based colours stain the lids like no-one's business so use with caution. This is common with most strongly pigmented red/pink/purple colours so no need to worry too much. Some of MakeupForevers shadows do this also!!
ALSO: Another bummer a subscriber brought to my attention is that the international shipping charge is nearly $40.00, which is phenomenally expensive when you consider it costs more than the palettes themselves!! 

Let me know your opinions on these if ye have them also!

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  1. Hi Siobhán!
    Would you be so kind and write ingredients of 3rd Edition BH 120 palette....if you find some extra time:)...I checked them on their site but I'm not sure they wrote all of them...
    Thanks a lot!
    Take care,


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