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Animal Testing ..... Vichy & Olay

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Some of you asked on my most recent video, where I show some skin-care products I bought, about why I use products that are tested on animals if I am a vegetarian, etc.

I 100% do not condone animal testing and do take heed of it and try to research companies if I think they are in question or sometimes just to see their stance on things.
Just to clear up things about the products I showed the the video, here is some information about the companies in question.....

In regards to Vichy, they do not test on animals. I know they are owned by L'Oreal which many believe to still test on animals, however L'Oreal state now that they no longer test on animals and nor have they for several years now. They say that they only test on Invitro skin now and that they are working towards being totally cruelty free in regards to source materials and ingredients.
Click the following link for more information.....^R_POURQUOI_DES_MODELES_DE_PEAUX&cur=R_POURQUOI_DES_MODELES_DE_PEAUX&rtlid=corporate

There is confusion in that L'Oreal, for whatever reason, will not sign PETA's form stating that they are cruelty or animal testing free and because of that, PETA have kept them on the "BAD" list just to be safe!

However, as far as Vichy is concerned, they don't test on animals and also say that they do not use ingredients that have been animal tested.  They have a bad name due to being under the L'Oreal umbrella.

Also, L'Oreal USA & L'Oreal Paris have different allowances due to regional laws.....
Animal testing has been banned in Europe since 2009 but to date no such ban exists in the US   .....

"The European Union established a ban on animal testing implemented in 2004 on finished cosmetics products. In March of 2009 an amendment to the ban outlawed animal testing in seven toxicity tests on any ingredient used in a cosmetic product. These tests are for skin irritancy, sensitivity to light, corrosivity, skin absorption, genetic toxicity, eye irritancy, and acute toxicity. The amendment also bans the import of cosmetics containing ingredients that have been animal tested in this way. Another ban, set for March of 2013, would outlaw eight more tests – these to determine long-term effects, like cancer or birth defects. Currently, the US has no such restrictions on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients or finished cosmetic products."
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Olay have a similar confusion surrounding them. They are on PETA's "BAD" list also due to the same reason as L'Oreal's (See above)
Olay too claim to be cruelty free. Olay, owned by Procter & Gamble, hold the following stance on animal testing.....

"P&G Beauty & Grooming Animal Testing Principles
As for animal testing, P&G Beauty & Grooming's position is clear: We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask suppliers to test them on our behalf.
We do not test ingredients on animals, except in very rare cases when necessary to meet government-mandates or safety obligations.
We are committed to continuing our key contributions in research to develop non-animal alternative methods which will ultimately permit the elimination of animal testing. "

 Sourced from .....

As so far as the vegetarian things goes, I don't eat meat but I do eat by-products, dairy, eggs etc. I wear leather and I use makeup and painting brushes made with real hair.

I definitely don't condone or approve of animal testing or cruelty in any form what-so-ever but at the same time I can't claim to know all the companies that do or do not test.
Most companies who do not directly test on animals still use source materials that have at some stage been tested on animals which spreads that gray area ever wider.

Wayne Goss of GossMakeupArtist on Youtube recently did a video touching on this very subject and I share his stance pretty much exactly. He always explains things so easily and clear though so I suggest ye go and check out his video also on the subject as I would just be repeating what her says anyhow!!

Anyhow, hope that answered some of yer questions!!!

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  1. good post and very informative!

  2. I have read in forums that L'oreal said that they were planning stop animal testing in 2013, that is the deadline that the law allows the companies in Europe...
    I am not 100% sure about the truth of this, we will see!!

  3. Hey Miss Daisy:)
    Yeah there's loads of different information about them on tonnes of different sites etc. The company themselves claim that they have already done this. The 2013 deadline isn't when they start the ban all-together though, It's already been in place for a year or so, 2013 will just make it more thorough and with less allowances.
    Either way it'll be good when that final 2013 part comes into effect!!


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