Thursday, February 24, 2011

Barry M haul plus Nail Effects Demo!!

While in Boots Pharmacy earlier today picking up some goodies for the lovely Heather of Sokolum79 on Youtube, I found myself adding extra bits into the basket all for little old me. It's almost like I go into a trance in that shop and have no control over myself, makeup must be bought!! Needless to say, I avoid going in so frequently now-a-days, ha ha ^_^

Anyhu, I was excited to try the Barry M Nail Effects "Crackle" Polish that my Cousin Ríona recently told me about. I have seen people wearing the stuff but as I'm really not that into nail art that much, I generally "x" out nail tutorials and the such so I wasn't that aware of this product. And for me to be excited about nail products is rare enough as like I said, it usually isn't my thing.

This little beaut however is right up my alley!! It's different, new, interesting and very alternative looking!

 Nail Effects over "Raspberry" Nail Paint (€4.50)

 Over "Dusky Mauve" Nail Paint

As I said in the video, there are a few bad points to, erm, point out! First, I hate the feel and bumpiness of it, not a fan of texture on my nails. Secondly, it dries really really fast so you don't have much time to get it on and I'd say the bottle would dry out in no time if you weren't careful with the lid.

Besides that it's class!! One coat is enough. It's cool to experiment with a thin coat versus a thick one for a slightly different effect.
I got it in Boots here in Galway where we recently acquired Barry M. (Yipee!!) It usually costs €5.95 but there's as special offer on at the moment (As I write this, check date above!) of buy any 2 nail varnishes for €8.00. And I must say that the Barry M Nail Paints are very long wearing and durable. One negitive is that some colours can stain, same as the lipsticks!

Let me know if any of ye have tried it out!!
Take care Guys,

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