Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carnivále Mask Makeup Tutorial.

 Hey Guys:)
I finally got around to trying out my first ever mask makeup!!
I was inspired by Carnival, Galway's Arts festival, Gypsy aesthetics & Fortune tellers. And I was largely drawing from my love of the brilliant TV Show "Carnivále" which I was obsessed with when I finally discovered it. (It's amazing, ye should really check it out!!)
Anyhow, as with my previous artistic Makeup tutorials in this vein, I made it up as I went along and was pleased with how it turned out!!
Let me know whet ye think ^_^
(Oh and that massive Bindi on my forehead has been sitting in my drawer for almost 10 years unused, crazy!! I think I bought it in a shop in London somewhere. I actually think it's a belly button design!!)


EyeLure Eyeliner Pen
Michael Todd Gel liner "Chocolate Cherry"
BH Cosmetics Eye & Lip Primer
Kryolan SupraColor "White"
MAC "Fascinating" Eye Kohl
ELF Eye Transformer Palette
Urban Decay EyeShadows "Fishnet" & "Ransom"
.....from "Deluxe Shadow Box"
ScreenFace Eyeshadows (Various Palettes)
Mac "BlackTrack" Fluidline
Barry M "Tinsel Lashes"
Eyelure False Lashes
Barry M Glitter Liner "Black"
MAC "Sculpt" Powder
MakeupForever Aqua Lipliner 10C
MAC "Violetta" Lipstick
MAC "Kittinish" Lipstick
MAC "Liquid Lurex" Lipstick (Highlight)


*First Sketch out the eye shape with black pen.
*Colour in the bulk of the purple base colour of the mask area with purple gel eyeliner, a little lighter towards the forehead.
*Start adding eyeshadows in certain areas for highlights and shading, and to set the base.
*Apply your eyelid colours over a white cream base.
*Apply False Lashes top & bottom.
*Apply shading around the mask edge along the bottom.
*Outline the mask edge in black and go over this with Glitter eyeliner.
*Contour your cheeks.
*Overline your cupid's bow and fill in the rest of the lips.
*Apply a lighter lipstick to the centre of the lips, apply a darker lipstick to the corners and blend the 2 together.
*Apply a highlight to the centre of the lips.



  1. Ohhhhhhh, this is gorgeous!!!! Love, love, love it! I didn't even recognize you in the firs pic :). xox

  2. Thanks Lucia & Naeema:) Appreciate the kind comments! xx

  3. you did such a great job! love the gradient of the colors ;-)

  4. All I can say is wow. Fantastic work!


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