Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NYX Nail Varnish.... Nom nom ^_^

Now as some of you may know, I'm not a big "Nails" girl. I don't read many blog posts about them, or watch all the Youtube videos showing nail designs and nail varnish hauls that pop-up in my subscriptions. But saying that, I do like wearing nail varnish and am always looking for "Siobhán Friendly" varnish colours.
One brand that has always impressed me is NYX, and this is across the board, including all of their different product types.  In my local beauty supply shop, near the till area, are the NYX stands, one of them being a very impressive nail varnish stand almost as tall as I am!!
My favourite colours tend to be in the pink and purple family and include these 2 beauties.
(One coat of each)

"Princess" NP08

"Vamp" NP24

I have gotten into the habit lately of wearing a different colour on each hand, it started from not being able to decide between which colour i wanted to wear, so I chose both!
And with so many gorgeous shades to choose from why stick with just one!!!
Either way, I love a good nail varnish (or 2) and NYX's range is definitely one of my favourites!!
Worth checking out if ye haven't already!

Thanks a mill Guys:)
Take care,


  1. Oh those colours are gorgeous ... my kind of colours for sure and wll definately have to pick up a couple! Haven't tried NYX varnishes before but for one coat the coverage looks great! Thanks Siobhan, another couple of items to add to my list of pamper items to pick up!! heehee ;) xxx
    Oh I subscribe to you on YouTube (IrishCol1only) but have just recently started following your blog...its brilliant, your posts are great, thanks a mill and I appreciate the work and time that goes into both! xx

  2. I really like NYX, but I don't know where to get them in Belfast :( if anyone does know, please help me! These look gorgeous though.

  3. Thanks Colette! Oh my list of pamper items a bit sad at this stage (I'll never get all the lovely products on it!!) Good to know your real name! Ha ha. I often wonder about regular commentors like yourself and yer names!

  4. I'll see if I can get an answer for you Zé, but check your local boots! xx

  5. Thanks so much Siobhán, Boots didn't have it but I'll keep looking around :D x


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