Thursday, March 24, 2011

Product of the Week; Sigma - Small Tapered Blending Brush E45

 Sigma makeup brushes are certainly not new to the market but they are relatively new(ish) to me! I first bought the complete 12 brush kit (without the roll) over a year ago after giving into the hype generated through youtube reviews and blog posts. I couldn't believe how impressive the quality of the brushes were considering how inexpensive the kit was (Works out at about €5.00 a brush!)
 I wanted to try out more of the kits since but hadn't really been able to afford it considering I really don't need more makeup brushes (Not that I don't want them though!! Definitely a weakness for me!!) & I didn't have a credit card of my own to go internet shopping willy nilly.
 Fast forward to November 2010 just gone and Sigma sent me out the new 'Sigmax' Synthetic Face Kit for consideration, and I fell in love again! Fantastic & innovative brushes! (Will be doing a thorough review on the Sigma brush kits soon so won't go too in-depth here).
 So a couple of weeks ago I bought the Premium 15 Brush Kit (this time I had no choice but to get it with the brush roll) as a birthday present to myself (from Brendan! Ha ha). Again I am hugely impressed by this kit and the range and uniqueness of the brushes. Now I know that Sigma have modeled most of their brush designs on Mac brushes but many of the Mac counterparts are pro only, or discontinued and of course much more expensive. (Again, I'll tackle the Mac comparison in my upcoming reviews)

 One of the brushes that really jumped out at me is the Small Tapered Blending Brush # E45. I absolutely love this style of brush, super soft and neatly tapered at the tip. It applies colour beautifully and also blends shadow out brilliantly too!
The tip is small enough to apply colour to the smallest of eye spaces and the staggered hairs that surround the sides blend out harsh lines perfectly.
I do have a couple of other brushes similar to this one but I had to look long and hard to find them! I just really like the range of brushes available from Sigma.
(It's Mac Equivalent would be #226 which I believe is dis-continued) 

 Of course you don't need to but the kits like I did, you can also buy the brushes individually. Most of the eye brushes cost $9.00 a pop and you can pick and mix the brushes you need or want, but obviously this would mean paying more per brush.
 If you are only interested in trying one or two of the brushes and you live outside the US, you will probably end up paying more for postage alone. Luckily also carry many of the Sigma brushes so I would definitely recommend purchasing from there if living in Europe and only intending on buying a couple of brushes. You will pay a good bit more for the E45 brush here at £8.99 (approx $14.00) but for the sake of a brush or two, you would still save on postage!
 If buying a kit then I definitely recommend buying direct from the Sigma webite 
Also both times I ordered and purchased from the company I received a free travel size makeup brush complimentary which I think is a great little treat!
Expect excellent customer service also, and if you do decide to only try one brush, give the Small Tapered Blending Brush E45 a go and let me know how ye get on!!
(check the website for all other prices etc)

Chat soon & Take care,


  1. It looks really nice!
    Would it be a dupe(ish) for the MAC 226? Do you know?
    Much love!! Have a fab weekend..X

  2. Yes! Thank you:) Ha ha, I couldn't think of the number earlier! Will enter that into the post now so cheers for that ^_^ xx

  3. I think brushes are weakness for every make up artist:)))
    ...and thanks for this WL is getting longer and longer;)
    Take care!

  4. Gosh I hope im doing the right thing and posting a comment here for a chance to win the sigma brushes? Well I feel that I would be a good candidate to win the brushes because im a freelance makeup artist that would use the brushes to there full potential! I have 3 kids so I have to hustle and make a living that gives me freedom to do what I love. I wish everyone good luck! This is so fun!

  5. Such a thoughtful thing for both you and Sigma to do. I'm a newly qualified make up artist with not much to start with lol (not looking for sympathy lol) Your an ispirational youtube guru to me and many others around the world im sure. Keep up the good work! P.s love your fuller eyebrows. Lauren xxx

  6. hi hope you are doing good. well i have a flare for make up but being a student i could only afford brushes from body shop:(.. so i will be really pleased if i get to try sigma brushes ..i had eye on them for quite a long time..
    p.s. keep the videos coming xx

  7. I hope our career is gong well so far, just wanted to mention my site all about skin whitening, ty.


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