Thursday, March 31, 2011

'Stars & Rockets' ..... Product of the week!!

Hey everyone ^_^
This weeks most loved lovely is Mac's eyeshadow 'Stars & Rockets'. A beautiful duo-chrome iridescent Pink/Lilac purple colour, and the first Mac eyeshadow I ever owned!
Much loved and much re-purchased ^_^
Here it is used on my lids in a recent makeup tutorial which you can watch here.....

It shows up more pink when worn alone or over a neutral light base, and shows more of the purple tone when tilted in the light & applied over a black or dark base. See the pics below.....

     Left; on bare skin  Centre; over a primer   Right; over black kohl pencil

And how it looks in the pan. It's very loved ^_^

In Ireland is costs €15.00 for the single pot & €11.50 for the palette pan.


  1. You really should give Mac's Club shadow a try if you like the duochrome of Stars & Rockets. It's got a lovely brown that is so flattering to green/brown eyes when over a primer, then when applied over black has this gorgeous iridescent green color. It is my favorite Mac shadow!

  2. Yeah! I love that one too:) Gorgeous shade, I mentioned it in the video. xx

  3. I agree with me it's a pink with a purple and blue duo chrome.
    I love using it on my lid but I find that it's not that flattering on the lower lash makes me look a bit ill but I guess it's because my brown eyes.
    However, it looks a bit better on the waterline if I have a dar liner on the lower waterline.
    It could be just me tho.
    Love how it looks on you.

  4. Nah, I agree with ya! It looks better with pencil on the water line! x

  5. I love how pink this registers against your skin, it definitely runs more violet for me unless I bring in a white base. Duo chromes are so lovely. :]

  6. Thanks Tamara:) Agree! I love duo-chromes:) xx


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