Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How I lighten/bleach my eyebrows ^_^

Hey Guys:)

Needed to lighten my eyebrows up a little as I'm off to get my hair coloured in a short while (Highlighted and caramel toner) So I decided to record it for ye to share my method and tips.
I;m only going a couple of shades lighter first of all and I'll see how it looks compared to my lighter hair once it's done and adjust as necessary.
I use Jolen bleach, have done for years, and I find it great. Really gentle and effective!
It's hailed as the World's no 1 bleach, hailing from USA. And is very popular in Asia!!

(Google 'Jolen' to find the website pertaining to your own country)

I think lightening the eyebrows can really brighten up the face in some instances.
Check out this before & after from the Opera Winfrey webite (The brow experiment)

I think the models entire face appears brighter than before with her heavier & darker brows. This is particularly effective on thicker eyebrows also in my opinion!!


  1. love your vid! really clear and useful :)

    the model from the oprah site looks like a dude though >.<

  2. good for above the lip too for those who don't want to wax...

    what can I say?! I'm 1/2 italian!


  3. Hi Siobhan I love love your videos!:)
    I watched an older vid and was just wondering how did u grow ur eyebrows so well n thick? I'm obsessed with eyebrows as they totally can chug a face. I get mine threaded but ones a totally diff shape to the other (think most ppl have that)and a certain part of them just won't grow back! Prob due to excessive plucking years ago! I'm in my late 20's maybe after a certain age they just don't grow back as well??
    Btw got my Olay microdermbrasion kit, goin to use it today for the 1st time! Too skint for a facial ha! Hw u getting on with it? How often do u use it?
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Mel xx

  4. Well I've been using Jolen for years to bleach my upper lip, but it never occurred to me that it would work this well on brows!
    Mine are naturally black, and I've started to dye my hair a warm/reddish brown again which makes them appear a bit harsh. I took the plunge and just did both my brows for 5 mins each, and I am so impressed!
    They're just a teeny bit lighter but a lovely warm brown.
    My eyes have been opened!

  5. Hey Melissa,
    I am just one of the lucky one's who's brow hairs grow like the dickins!! It's true that when you near 30 the hair growth slows down loads. But my sister is like you, her hairs will not grow back either!!

  6. mycaffeinefix,
    Nice one ^_^ I think that's the best way to use it, not let them go too light. I've used it on my upper lip too, and find it great! x


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