Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Impromptu late-night lipstick Depotting.....

Hey Guys:)
After a highly unproductive (down-right lazy) day I suddenly got an itch to clean & tidy my little makeup space & desk (At 9.30pm!). Soon as I got to my lipstick drawer my focus shifted slightly and gave-way to a highly productive depotting session involving some yummy lippy colours. ^_^

I had previously been depotting my lipsticks into the 6 & 12 pan Muji travel pill cases,  available here for £1.50.....
..... But on my last visit to their Dublin store just off Grafton Street I came across these little babies available for £2.25 from their website..... http://www.mujionline.co.uk/

They are detachable 7-day pill cases that fit a full lipstick bullet each perfectly!! How handy is that. So you can join them up to make a palette of 7 or throw just one or 2 singles into your makeup bag on a night out.

And I also found this 7-day pill case below in my local "2 Euro" store here in Galway that is just as good for anyone who may not be able to get to a Muji or purchase from the site.

I personally hate having a tonne of single lipsticks crowding up my drawers and getting thrown all over the place in my kit, so for me, palettes are a must!!! And I tend to depot as much of my makeup as I can, including concealers, cream foundations etc...

You can see my old video on how I fill my palettes Here .....

And here's the finished product...... (Though I only filled 6 of them)

From Left to right..... 1. MAC "To Pamper" Lustre (Limited Edition)
                                   2. MAC "Riveting Rose" Frost (Limited Edition)
                                   3. MAC "Milan Mode" Lustre
                                   4. Barry M #62 Lip Paint
                                   5. MAC "Hot Sass" Dazzle Lipstick (Limited Edition)
                                   6. Gosh "Darling" #134 Velvet Touch Lipstick
                                   7. Coming soon..... ^_^

And that was my evening folks ^_^

Hope this inspires some of you to get your makeup in order too!! (It's loads of fun, I promise!!!)

Take Care & Chat soon.



  1. wow, you are so organized! i haven't tried depotting my lipsticks

  2. It's just very handy for professional kits! xx

  3. I am the same as you, depotting makes it so much easier to see them too! I think the Dublin branch closed down or moved? Great post, thanks for sharing x

  4. Oh no!!! I really hope it hasn't closed down! It was there a few weeks ago last time I was up. Oh well, there's always the website:) xx

  5. nice Idea, but I would be scared, that they'll dry out after a while... what's your experience with that?

    greets juicynade

  6. Nah, sure once the case is closed it's probably as air tight as in the tube, just don't leave the lid open all the time! x


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