Thursday, April 21, 2011

Longer, Fuller, Stronger lashes!!! Rapidlash Review.

Howdy Folks!
I finally decided to do my Rapidlash review to share one of my favourite current products with ye ^_^
As you can see from the before & after pics below, there's a significant difference between the two.
I was using the serum for about 6 weeks or so before I noticed any growth, but when I did, it seemed to just zoom from there on!!



So, here's the science bit (made easy) .....

"Rapid lash is a serum that promises to lengthen eyelashes and thicken eyebrows in just a few weeks! It contains vital vitamins and proteins that replenish and fortify both lashes and brows plus it powerful polypeptides that provide protection against breakage."
To use.....
You need to apply once daily at bed time to a clean lash-line that's free of any creams or gels etc.  
The applicator is a small brush nib so it's easy to glide the product onto the area without messing it up too much. It's a transparent lotion so once it's on, it's almost undetectable!! 

As for any negative points, I did notice a little tingling at first during the first week or less of using it. (Stinging is almost too harsh a word) This subsided quickly though & it hasn't happened since.
Also the skin area directly around my eyes sometimes darkens, both the top & bottom lid areas, but this is sporadic & sometimes worse than others.

I purchased my tube from Boots Pharmacy here in Galway, Ireland, for €50.00. I have been using the serum for almost 3 months now and seem to still have a fair amount of product left in my 3ml cotainer. (You use so little with each application.)

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone thinking of it, as long as you take into consideration the possible side-effects.
I will certainly be re-purchasing!!!

Let me know if ye have tried it or if ye do.

Take care,


  1. That is an incredible difference, I'd say worth the seemingly high price. Your eyebrows are so beautiful! x

  2. Wow...I haven't tried it "yet" but I will defo consider it. It's only the price £40 that's keeping me away :-(

  3. Wow thats amazing the different...Your hairs so much lighter as well it's lovely.

  4. Wow Siobhan, the growth was amazing!!! this stuff sounds amazing and something i will definitely need post baby!! is it ok for sensitive eyes??

  5. The price is ok with me considering it lasts for several months at a time so even if it were to run out this week on me, thats only €4 a week! Less the longer it lasts ^_^ xx

  6. Thanks Grace:) I got it coloured this morning! x

  7. As far as I know Jenny it's totally fine for sensitive eyes though like I said it did sting a tad at the start. Nothing major. It's ok for contact wears etc!!

  8. Oh wow. I have short eyelashes and and thin eyebrows, so this sounds like the perfect product for me. Thanks a lot for sharing, and when I get the money I will definitely want to try this :D

  9. Where did you get this? I'm Irish and I was wondering if you bought this from a site or a shop.
    The difference is amazing!

  10. I bought it from Boots Pharmacy but I'm sure it's available online too:) x

  11. Hi Siobhan-- I thought this would be good to know:
    "Cosmetic manufacturer Lifetech Resources LLC has been issued a warning letter by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act regarding three eye care products: RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum (RapidLash), NeuLash Active Eyelash Technology (NeuLash) and NeuveauBrow Active Eyebrow Technology (NeuveauBrow)."

    There is more to read in the article itself, but I think it's good to know this information so everyone can make an informed decision on whether they will use the product or not, depending on how comfortable they are with the information the article provides.

  12. You convinced me...I just ordered one on line so in two month's time I'll be knocking on your e-door with the results on my lashes ;o)))

  13. Thanks for that Mandy:) I just read that article yesterday myself for the first time. Good to have it here for people to read. I personally am ok with it as I had heard of these side-effects before, like the one I mentioned in my video with the darkening of my lashline area. I think with any products being reviewed, people still need to do their own investigation on it!! xx

  14. Ha ha, defo let me know how you get on Désirée!! x


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