Thursday, April 28, 2011

Makeup Brushes Major Organisation!!!!!

Hey Guys,
 After my lipstick organising the last night I think I've caught the bug.... I suddenly feel the need to organise everything..... all my kit/collection!
 This is gonna take me forever!! Ha ha
Tonight I sorted out & separated my 150+ brushes into .....
1. my kit 
2. my personal use

Here's the lot of them as they were in various containers, with no reason for their placement (which drives me nuts!!!! I need order!) They used to be in order but have gotten mixed up over the last few months since I last organised them!

And here they are all lined up from large to little ^_^

And the various brush belts/rolls & pouches I have for housing them.....

 From top to bottom.....
                                      NYX cosmetics professional brush belt..... $30.00
                                      Sigma Professional brush belt...... $29.00
                                      Sigma Classic brush roll..... $20.00

From left to right..... Makeup Forever Dany's Pouch.....
                                  Sigma Beauty Pouch (From "Make me Crazy Kit - $99. ).....

How I generally separate my brushes is to keep the shorter handled & travel sizes for my own personal use (as they are usually too short for brush rolls etc), maybe apart from some favourite long handled brushes I just HAVE to keep to myself, ha ha. And I use the long handles brushes for my freelance kit.
I decided on which to keep for just me and which to use for jobs, and I fit all the long handled face brushes (Bronzer, Powder, Blush, Foundation etc) into my sigma brush belt. I like that it is smaller than the NYX one, as the brushes fit really snugly & don't move around the belt.
I also stick in mascara wands, a spatula & tweezers.

And for my personal use, I use a clear acrylic 3 compartment container that I bought in Muji (I may get beads to fill the container with for holding the brushes upright at some stage).....
I generally don't take my kabuki brushes with me on jobs either so they stay put with me ^_^

For my Eye Brushes,  I separated my blending, pencil, angled & liner brushes into my Dany Pouch.
And my eye shader & concealer brushes off all sizes into my sigma pouch.
I way prefer these pouches to brush rolls & belts for my small brushes, especially since I can put dirty ones into an empty 'half' while working so handy!

And for the shorter handled ones that will remain stationary on my makeup desk,  I use an office pen holder that accommodates different heights of handles. I find it really handy, especially for the really small ones that usually disappear among the longer ones in other containers. And I keep pencil sharpeners in the little wells at the bottom....

And that's them organised!!! It might not suit everyone but it makes me happy ^_^

My NYX brush belt will be used for smaller jobs where I know exactly what tools & brushes I will be using, like where a trial had been held prior, and I can throw whatever I need for that job into it without bringing the whole collection.  And I will probably use the brush roll to house dirty brushes after jobs until I get them home to clean them. (I HATE when people put their dirty brushes into their brush belts alongside their clean ones, ewwwwwww) And as it's faux leather, it will be easily cleaned afterwards.

And then I also have my work brush belt that I use in my retail job, which you can see above in the first picture, but I've stopped using this outside work as much just in case anything happens to it.

Hope this was in some way helpful to those of you who are as pedantic about organisation as I am!!!

Take care & Chat soon ^_^



  1. have some brushes!
    I use some organizers from Muji and I added salt to the bottom so they brushes stick up and don't move.

  2. Love Muji for containers & organisers!!! Can be a little pricey though >_<

  3. OMG your collection is huge!!! That's truly impressive! I've got less than 20 brushes :D But I'm not a makeup artist :)))

  4. It's taken me years of collecting Katalina, to get this many brushes!!! I love them though. Definitely one of my more guilty pleasures ^_^


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