Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make your eyes appear BIGGER ^_^

Hey Everyone ^_^
After I posted my videos on close-set/wide set-eyes, I received a huge amount of requests for how to make your eyes look bigger... And here it is!!
I think this makeup makes me look a little crazy, ha ha!! But I also think it's quite Anime looking too ^_^ 

Products used:

Bh Cosmetics Eye & Lip Primer
Mac "Fling" Eyebrow Pencil
Mac "Vapour" e/s
         "White Frost" e/s
         "RicePaper" e/s
         "Kid" e/s
         "Satin Taupe" e/s
Maybelline "Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner"
Makeup Factory "Lip Corrector"
Mac "Opulash" Mascara
Bourjois "Healthy Mix" Foundation
Mac "Something Special" Cremeblend blush
Mac "Subculture" Lip Pencil
Mac "Cherish" Lipstick
Mac "Plus Luxe" Plush Glass Lip Gloss



  1. Oh my God, your hair is precious. <3

  2. Your hair is lovely. These are really good tips too! I've been wanting to try one of those eyeliners in the pot too!

  3. Hey,
    it's beautiful! You sort of remind me on ladies from The Stepford Wives if you saw that movie;))

  4. Aw thanks guys ^_^ Weren't the Stepford ladies like robots? ha ha!!


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