Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make your eyes appear more close-set ^_^

Howdy all,
This is a much requested video on how to seemingly draw your eyes together!
Many people with wide set eyes like to make them appear slightly more close set, (though many don't!) and also many people with close set eyes may want to accentuate it even further.

The main points are;

1) Place darker colours at the inner corners and lighter colours on the outer section.
2) Bring your eyeliner right into the innermost corners of your eyes and wing it slightly inwards if desired.
3) "Fan" your lashes with your mascara.
4) If lining your top lids, don't extend your liner outwards.
5) Have the inner section of your eyebrows be the darkest section.

Here's an example of wide set eyes bare, and then with corrective makeup on.
Notice how the eyes appear closer together in the lower picture...

And here are a couple of pictures of my corrective makeup. Though the flash totally washed it out 0_o
Please watch the video to see the makeup in better light!

And finally the palette I used in the video was my Sedona Lace 168 Eyeshadow Palette
Use Coupon Code "Letzmakeup" to get $4.00 off your purchase!!

Hope that helps!

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