Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make your eyes appear more wide-set ^_^

Hey Everyone:)
After yesterdays post on how to make wide-set eyes appear closer together, today's post is the exact opposite!
Here I show a few tips on how to make close-set eyes appear more wide set, or how to accentuate wide set eyes.

The main points are;

1) Place light colours & highlights at the inner corners and darker colours on the outer section.
2) Only bring your eyeliner in as far as the start of your iris.
3) Pull your lashes outwards with your mascara.
4) If lining your top lids, wing your liner out to help draw your eyes out.
5) Leave the inner section of your eyebrows natural & define & extend the tail end!
6) Apply blush around the outside of your face & temples.
7) Apply a pale & neutral lip colour!

Another picture showing how makeup makes a difference.....

And an example of eyeshadow placement.....

And finally my "Close-set" eyes compared to my "Wide-set" eyes.....

You can definitely see the difference between the pictures here!!!

Hope this helped!!

Take care & Chat soon:)


  1. This is such a gorgeous look!!! i love the colors of the wide set eyes! which are they? you mentioned the first two, but i didn't quite get what the pinker colors were!? i know i can do this with any other colors, but i especially like these!
    thank you for this look!

  2. Hey:) Thank you! I actually used colours from an old limited edition palette so not sure of the names. But you should just use whatever you have that's similar!! xx

  3. I'd love to win that brushes set because I don't have any brushes and I want to make some beautiful makeup look :)

    YT : Muslolyic
    Twitter : losink12


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