Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Yes Cyan" Glo Baby Glo Nail Varnish..... Product of the Week!!

Hey Guys:)
 So this weeks Star pupil is my beautiful cyan blue nail varnish from Penney's (Primark) called "Yes Cyan" & the branding is Glo Baby Glo.

The best bits of this beauty are
1. The price..... €2.50
2. The life span..... about 7 days without chipping while I was in Italy!!
3. The colour..... I have about 3 other lovely colours from the same range.
4. The finish..... it's not too shiny like other varnishes, kinda looks like vinyl.
and finally.....
5. It's UV reactive for all you club kids out there, ha ha!!

I think I'm just about over-due to check out if there are any new colours in the range at the moment too!!

Take Care Guys:)
Chat soon,


  1. That colour is amazing, I love it :D

  2. There are some lovely pinks and corals in the range in my local pennys. I love this varnish!

  3. I love the colour, its so bright. Cannot believe it lasted 7 days, i purchased it in orange and green last year, but they are still in my nail drawer unopened, must take them out today.

  4. wow! 7 days without chipping is incredible! love the colour!

  5. I need to get the pink and coral colours asap I think! Oh & Jenny, time to bust out that drawer of yours! ha ha. x


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