Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Face Chart Art!

Hey Everyone,

Was sorting through my photo albums and came across some of my face charts. Even though I don't have much time to do them now-a-days, I am a huge fan of face charts & think they are great for working out looks.
Here are a few of my fave ones that are somewhat wearable ^_^

I'd love to see your face charts!!!
If ye have any, please feel free to post them to my facebook at.....

Thanks a million guys,

Take Care,


  1. I love the lips in the 2nd and 3rd looks. Could you tell me which products have you used for them? Thanks. ^_^

  2. Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how to do face charts properly? I have done a couple but they never look that flawless. What do you use? and how ?
    Thanks :)
    They are lovely btw! Would love to see you recreate some of these looks!

  3. love them! especially both purple lips...gorgeous

  4. Wow! I'm always happy when I see beautiful drawings and paintings! These face charts are absolutely gorgeous! It's nice if make up artist can actually draw and paint. Your shading and blending is perfect! You inspired me so much that I'll have to do some by myself:) Thanks!

  5. Hi Monday, I can't remember what I used now but I did use stars & Rockets Eyeshadow on the 3rd one over the lipstick! x

  6. Magui, Encore makeup channel on Youtube has a couple of great videos on how to do facecharts! You should check them out. I will do a facechart video sometime in the future! x

  7. Thank you. It looks gorgeus, I'll try it tomorrow!


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