Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYX Makeup Artist Kit.

Howdy Guys:)
So I found myself today in possession of this makeup kit from NYX Cosmetics after a trip to my local beauty supply store to buy false lashes for a wedding job this week.  I'm the worst impulse buyer ever! Ha ha. Anyhow, the shop in question will no longer be selling NYX so I was having a look at the products to see if there was anything I fancied. There was nothing I wanted from the permanent 'single' range but I saw this palette by the till and just had to have it of course!!
It cost me $42 (Which is good for Ireland for this type of palette, google "rip-off Ireland", lol;P) 
and after playing with it all day think it is really good for the price but not an overly amazing palette in of itself.

                                         (The camera flash has dulled the colours here)

Saying that, I still really like it and can see myself getting alot of use out of it! Especially the eyeshadows. (There are 36 of them)
(Colours are definitely washed out a bit by flash)

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows on my inner arm without a base from top row to bottom.....
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

I think you can see easily from the pictures that a few of the shadows come out quite talc-y.
Though most have very good colour pay-off I would definitely advise using an eye shadow primer underneath to hold onto the shadow as a good few of them are very loosely packed. I don't think these are quite up to the standard of the NYX singles or trios etc but saying that, they're not bad either.

The bottom tray.....

And swatches.......

 The  highlight, contour & bronzer colours.
I was a bit disappointed with these colours as they are absolutely better suited to darker skin tones rather than pasty Irish faces, like mine ^_^

 The blushers (these guys are seriously strong!)
The blush colours will mostly suit darker skin tones definitely apart from the lighter pink which I love!
They are really nice blushes though, quality & colour but good god do you need to go lightly on the application! ha ha. These babies mean business!!

The Lipsticks....

The Lipsticks are very moisturising which is good... but very frosty as you can see from the pictures which is a shame. I don't understand why they haven't thrown in a few mattes for good measure!

You can buy this palette on Cherry Culture or Amazon for around $30 (plus shipping) which will probably suit those of you in the US much better.
For me in Ireland, buying it for €40 is a much better deal than forking out for the shipping which is generally around €20 +.

I'd give this palette 3.5/5 
Points off for the talc-y quality of some of the shadows, for the lipsticks being all frosty and the contour colours being too dark for me.

Be sure to let me know if any of ye have this palette and what ye think of it!!

Thanks a million & Take Care,



  1. please read my blog at http://makeupbyariel.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-thoughts-on-nyx-12-year-anniversary.html

    this is NOT SPAM. it is in regards to the poor way NYX has treated their customers over the past 48 hours.
    Please do not support a company that is so aweful to their loyal customers & fans

  2. good heads up on this pallet Letzmakeup!

  3. I own three trio palettes and three individual eyeshadows from NYX and they are super pigmented but like I was lucky because I've seen also some NYX eyeshadows like really, they seemed to be 95% talk and 5% pigment, but yeah this palette seems to be in a tiny bit lower quality, tho! the highlighter and bronzers should be good for me as my skin is tanned ^_^ will go to the only NYX shop I have here in Mexico and give it a look! :D Thanks a million Siobhán! love you're always very sincere with your reviews ^^

  4. this is a very nice palette!


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