Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sedona Lace "Contour & Highlight" Palette Review & Coupon Code ^_^

Hey Guys:)

I was sent the "Contour & Highlight" palette recently (along with the concealer palette I also reviewed) by Sedona Lace with the intention of reviewing it for you guys, so here's the review!!

PRICE: $17.95
Here's what the website says.....


This 2 in 1 palette contains 6 large pans for contouring, shading and blush. All 6 colors are matte and come in a durable packaged case to make it very convenient to use and travel with.


Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Proplparaben.

 So Here's my thoughts on the palette....

1. It's absolutely huge!! You get so much product, for the price especially. The pans themselves are almost twice the size of the Mac one's or other similar higher end branded ones. 
2. The price is great at $17.95 which is about what you would pay for most single blushers from other brands such as Urban Decay, Mac etc.
3. The pink shade is really nice and can be used on most skintones from very pale to very deep, depending on how much you apply. The coral shade is lovely too but for medium to dark skins definitely.
4. The palette itself is good & sturdy and closed tightly which is perfect for traveling with it.  
5. The powders are all matte which makes them suitable for day & night, all types of skin, including textured skin that needs to avoid shimmer, and for older skin as well as young skin.
6. It would be most useful for someone with a professional makeup kit or for someone who is starting to build up their kit.
7. The matte texture would also be good for people with very oily skin who do not need to add to their natural shine :)

1. It may be too big for some people's makeup bags or be a tad too bulky.
2. Some of the shades themselves are a little odd!! The white is a stark white that needs to be applied with care as it can look very ashy on.  The brown 'contour' shade is a very warm deep brown shade that will not suit a lot of skin-tones. The honey-ish coloured shade is a little unusual in it's matte form also. 
3. It contains only one 'contour' shade which will not suit a lot of skin-tones as I mentioned before. 
4. I think it would be better off either having 2 highlight shades, 2 contour shades & 2 blushes (to suit light skins & darker skins), or having smaller sized pans and contain more (versatile) shades.
5. Some of the powders are quite talc-y or powdery .

To summarise, I think it's a good palette for the price and particularly for less experienced makeup artists, students or for those who need affordable makeup to play around with.
I think it would be great if the company were to bring out 2 similar palettes, one for lighter skin and one for darker skin so that they may be more useful for the individual and not just those who work on others. I'm impressed by the size of the pans and love the pink shade!!

You can use the coupon code "Letzmakeup" for get $4.00 of the purchase price if any of ye do decide to buy any of their goodies from the website here.....

Hope ye found this helpful!!

Take Care & Chat soon.



  1. Hi Siobhán,

    I was watching your review and you showed your MAC blush and contour palette...I'm slowly building my kit for my clients especially for brides to be. We don't have any MAC stores in my country and I have rare opportunity getting some of their products...anyway I'd like to ask you if you could tell me which 3 shades (names) of MAC blushes would be essential for brides. I would be very grateful for your advice:)
    I spent so much time watching swatches and videos on youtube but it's so hard to choose the right shades...there are so many...and I never know if the monitor is showing the right color.
    Thanks a lot!!!
    One more thing...I find your reviews very helpful! I already purchased some products that you said they are great and they really are:)

    Take care,

  2. Hi Moyca:)
    I find I tend to use the same blushes over and over while doing bridal makeup. Here are some of my most used ones,
    1. Cubic or Blush baby; Both are very similiar. Natural/neutral blushes. Pink toned beige/brown colours suitable for light to medium skin tones.
    2. Well Dressed or Dame; Beautiful pale shimmering pinks.Well Dressed is paler than Dame Gorgeous on very pale skin as blush or as a highlight on medium darker skins.
    3. Mocha; Lovely on medium to darker skin tones. Addes a nice healthy looking flush.
    4. Springsheen or Peachykeen; Beautiful warm coral shades with shimmer, gorgeous on medium to darker skin tones!

  3. Siobhán,

    you just saved me a lot of money:)...and time...
    Thank you for a very detailed answer:)

    Take care,

  4. No problem:) But I forgot to sat Margin!! It looks gorgeous on NC20/25 up to 35/40!! x

  5. I saw Margin (a swatch)'s very beautiful but I'm a little bit scared of frost finishes:) I think I'll try it anyway because it looks really gorgeous! Thanks:)


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