Sunday, June 12, 2011

❤Hair❤Crush❤..... Emma Stone

Hey Everyone:)
If you follow me on twitter ye may have seen this picture I posted of the lovely Emma Stone showing her hair evolution to the gorgeous light red shade she's sporting at the mo.....

Apart from being absolutely stunning & refreshingly not-up-her-own-a&%e, this girl has really gotten hair perfection down to a T!!
As I said before my favourite is the light red, but the ice blonde is definitely a close second.

I really loved when she had the slightly more golden hue with the heavy fringe (that's bangs to all ye US'ers)... and how amazing does that cat-eye liner look on her!?

Even though I'm leaning towards her lighter shades the girl can still rock darker locks better than most....
I adore this rich deep red shade paired with blue based lippy. Stunning.

Whatever the colour, straight or curly, this girl is my type of girl! She likes to have fun with her hair and isn't afraid of big changes.
(All images from Here)

Why do you guys think??

Chat soon!!



  1. I think Light Red suits her better, she looks fab in any style but even more with Light Red :D

    It makes her look even more fresh or sth :P

    I love playing with my hair too, I dunno, I think is always so much fun to try different styles! :D


  2. I think that (the character) Gwen Stacy made her the woman that she is now! Dyed her hair platinum blond and looked drop-dead-gorgeous! I <3 the look for this year's Academy Awards (pink gown with matching lipstick :O)
    I think that she could go from red to platinum to ebony black and still look amazing :) my new sweetheart, this one :)

  3. and how could I forget the fuchsia lip and the hot list party!!!!
    bad, bad Marina.... :)


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