Saturday, June 18, 2011

Precision pen liner..... Fine lining!

It took me a while to latch onto the marker-like eyeliners, (that came onto the market relatively recently), initially but I am at last converted.... well kind of!!
It depends on the quality obviously but this can vary widely. The first I ever tried was the Eyelure pen which is decent to be fair but dries up way too quickly during application.... major points lost.
I tried the Mac "Penultimate" liner next which again is decent but the nib just isn't quite as sturdy-while-being-fine as I'd like, and line work isn't as delicate with it pretty early on which is also sucky.
Recently I got my grubby little fingers on "Velvet... by Migi Cosmetics" by way of Heather (Sokolum79 ....again thank you!!)

Now this is a pen worth blogging about! Unfortunately Migi is a brand I've never come across here at my end of the world, I think I've only heard it being mentioned during various youtube videos.
But I believe that it's widely available throughout the US & Canada etc.

The nib is super fine but not at all floppy, allowing for beautifully precise line work and the most delicate of skin designs.

I had to wear a particular look in work this week just gone that required thin liner along the top lashline with another line mirroring it directly above with a teeny space inbetween.
I first tried to apply the lines using a fine liner-brush and black gel liner but I just wasn't getting as delicate a result as I wanted, so I then went at it with the Migi liner and straight away it applied beautifully and with minimal effort!

The liner I have is in brown which I normally wouldn't reach for but I am now thanks to the quality of the pen!

Like I said though, it's a pity it isn't easily available for us Irish etc so if anyone has any recommendations for pens of similar quality I'd love to hear them!!

Thanks a mill & Take care,



  1. Ooh this looks gorge, love that it gives such a fine line without dragging the eyelid, any of the pen liners I've tried dry out halfway through using it and I end up having to stand it on it's head and wait for the liquid to flow back into the nib

  2. Ooh I have started loving pen liners recently as well. I used the Bourjois one which was great, but dried up quickly after a few weeks, same with the Smashbox one which was more precise. Too bad they dry up very quickly.

    Would love to try this, thanks to Heather for introducing you to this :) Thank you for this blog post :)

  3. Thanks Karen:) Yeah that's exactly like the Eyelure one, need to close the lid and wait a minute or so to finish the line, annoying!!

  4. Thanks Saoirse!!! I haven't tried out those ones but I plan on finding one that's great here in Ireland. Will definitely share when I do! Probably on twitter or here! x


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