Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Product of the Week; Collection 2000 "16hrs wear Lasting Perfection concealer"


I discovered this little gem from watching Pixiwoo videos and them raving about this cheap but apparently amazing concealer. Now, I am a fan of Collection 2000 in general especially considering the price but have never bothered with their base makeup before, (ie. foundation, concealer etc) as I have found in my experience that it's usually better to pay the little extra for that stuff to be good.
Oh how wrong was I!!!

This has quickly become my favourite go-to under-eye concealer 'du jour'.
I have got to be the pickiest person in the world when it comes to makeup for my under-eye area. I will not use powder there for fear of my usually non-noticable fine lines being magnified to disgraceful levels, so the product I do use has to be long lasting in-of itself (without the need for setting), without being drying in any shape or form (again my lines!) and this Collection 2000 concealer fits the bill beautifully!!

Available from Superdrug....
and from Boots.....
It retails for about £4.20 (UK) and €6.50-ish (Irl)

What the website says.....


- Ultimate wear concealer conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours.
- Oil free
- Transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage
- Provides beautiful, shine-free, blemish-free skin for every waking hour"

It has a wand applicator which I love for personal use but maybe not so great for use on clients without the need of a palette etc for hygiene reasons.

It comes in 4 shades but unfortunately does not cater for the darker tones.....
Fair, Light, Medium & Deep.
They all seem to be pink toned shades which is ideal for the eye area and are nicely opaque without being heavy on the skin. Of course they can be used on the entire face area but I absolutely love it for my under-eye area for the reasons stated above (Plus the pink shades do not suit my pale but yellow toned complexion)
I have been wearing it everyday now since I bought it and today recorded the results for ye to see how it wears.
1. No concealer around the eye area (Totally makeup free zone!)

2. Freshly applied (On the undereye area & inner corners only)

3. After 8hrs wear (Very hot and clammy day)

It did wear a little after 7 hrs or so but even then I was still happy with the coverage it was giving. 

I highly recommend this lovely concealer particularly for the under-eye area. I wear the shade #2 Light. (I am NC15-ish)
I would advise going in-store and having a look at the testers in person if at all possible to determine your most suitable colour match.
On a final note, the one negative point to the product is due to the packaging. It being a wand applicator, you need to be careful when inserting the wand back into the tube,  if you do it too quickly at all and air gets trapped inside you can expect an overflow of product from the opening resulting it unnecessary wastage.

Still I give this a well deserved 9/10.

That's all for now!

Take Care & Chat soon.


  1. I've been umming and aahing about getting this but I think I might give it a whirl now. Thanks for the review! ^^

  2. I second what Robyn said. I'm yet to find a concealer I like for under my eyes, they always end up too dry/cakey. Looks good!


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