Friday, June 10, 2011

Product of the Week; Wet 'n' Wild "Fast dry" nail color in 237C "Gray's Anatomy"

Hey Guys!!
Finally can get back to my POTW's now that I'm back in action on the net!
Meet Wet 'n' Wild's "Fast dry" nail color in 237C "Gray's Anatomy"

The pictures unfortunately do not do the colour justice, the pink shot-through "duo chrome" effect is much stronger in real life natural light!

This offering is courteous of my lovely pal Heather or Sokolum79 as she's known on de 'Tube ^_^
She was kind enough to send me a lovely parcel of goodies recently which included this beauty and I kid you not, it's the only nail varnish I've worn in the 2 weeks since.
I just today cleaned my nails of the more-worn-off-than-chipped old first coat and replaced it with a fresh coat to have it looking perfect again for the weekend.
I personally prefer the finish that 3 coats give.  Here are pic's taken after each coat to show each finish.

Above is just one coat of the varnish which as you can see is quite sheer. Now, my nails aren't quite my crowning glory, they can be very chippy & brittle at times, so this would be more suited to someone with well kept healthy looking nails as the coverage is very low. Still pretty though!

After the second coat it's much less sheer and covers the uneven texture of my nails underneath.

And my favourite after 3 coats, it's a thicker covering which I prefer and in real life it shows off much more of the pink that really screams through when the light hits it.

Unfortunately Wet 'n' Wild is not a brand available on my side of the Atlantic but as I mentioned above,  Heather sent this product to me from Canada (It is also available from USA) and previously she also sent me some of the eyeshadows which I also love so I sympathise with my fellow unprivileged Europeans. *But.......

See website here.....
*You can find in the "where to buy" section of the site above a list of retailers including on-line sellers where you can purchase any of their products from to try out!

It's good to be back!!
Chat soon & Take care,



  1. This is one of my favorite polishes to wear right now! It's so fun.

  2. it kinda looks like katy perry for opi not like the movies



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