Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in my Makeup Kit; (Intro plus Pt. 1) Concealers etc

Hey Guys,

So here's the first of 7 parts of the 'What's in my makeup kit' series that I am a little bit stealing from the lovely Simone who did a blog version of this recently.....
..... her blog here......

Hope ye enjoy the video;

Products mentioned;
Zuca bag (
Plastic drawers from B&Q ..... €18.00
Sedona Lace Concealer Palette (
DermaColor Camouflage Palette (From Screenface & Charles Fox UK)
Mac StudioFix Powder
Mac Full Coverage Foundation (Pro)  (
Benefit "Some kinda gorgeous" (
Vichy DermaBlend Concealers (
??? Foundation Stick (Maybe Screenface??)
Pill cases from ( .....for the palettes
ProPalette Concealer (
Bobbi Brown Correctors (
Mac Select Moisture Cover Concealers & Correctors
Barbara Daly Light Effect Pen (From Tesco)
Mac Select Cover-up Concealer
Mac ProLongWear Concealer
Aldi "Lacura Concealer Pen"
NYX "Concealer in a jar" Green Corrector (

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