Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inglot Haul; First Impressions & (Crazy) Demo!!

Hey Folks!!!

So I made the trip across the country last Wednesday, (Not as bad as it seems, just a 2 - 2.5 hour trip, small country!!) to the Liffey Valley Shopping centre just outside Dublin. And to what purpose???
Makeup of course ^_^

Inglot makeup to be precise!!

Inglot is a brand I am pretty head over heels about from my experience with them so far & I take great joy in acquiring their products for my sole pleasure!! (And my kit of course)

I was able to sign up to get my pro discount card after showing proof of my profession which get's me 20% off at either of the Irish outlets (The other being in Dundrum) & that is valid for a year.

I got.....

10 pan (1.5g pans) Eyeshadow palette.....

From L - R; Pearl 395, AMC Shine 08, Pearl 406, Matte 360, Pearl 423

From L - R; Pearl 393, DS 461, AMC Shine 21, Pearl 422, AMC Shine 40

I picked these particular colours to be more appropriate for bridal type looks as realistically that's what I would get most use out of & I already have a load of bright Inglot colours.

I also got.....

Blush palette (7g pans!)

From L - R; AMC Blush 59, Blush 20, Blush 34, Blush 29.

I am as impressed with the blush formula as I am with the eyeshadows, just beautifully smooth & so highly pigmented without any chalkiness at all!!!

Lip Stick Palette.....

From L - R; #42, #88, #22, #46, #05

Again the consistancy & general quality of these lipsticks is drool worthy. They are so creamy & not at all drying. The colours are very rich & pigmented also. 

Lip Pencil (Approx €16) & Sleek Gloss (€Approx 14)

# 859

Gorgeous true "nude" coloured Lipliner. It's very soft & creamy & glides on the lips without tugging. Lasted very well through out the day when I wore it from morning to night. It came with a tiny sharpner plus the other end has a very handy lip-brush for blending!


Absolutely gorgeous gloss with tonnes of golden pearl sparkles in it. The packaging comes in what looks like a test tube which I also think is very cool!

Matte eyeliners.....

#84 (Yellow), #76 (White)

The eyeliners come in a variety of bright colours and claim to be totally smudge proof & waterproof. If the difficulty I had removing them is anything to go by, then I think this is a claim to be believed!!
The colour range available is very unique & part of what makes Inglot a brand which I hold in such high esteem. This can be said across the board tho from nail colours to lip colours & everything inbetween!

Finally I also purchased the face primer (€18) which is your run of the mill silicone based primer, plus one of their AMC Shine Cream Foundations in no. LW200 (Second palest, yellow toned €20)

The foundation is the only product I got that I'm not completely happy with so far. Though this is partly my own fault as the girl who was helping me in the shop told me it was more suited to drier skins. I am combination with oily t-zone. What made me buy this though was the colour. It is as near a perfect match as I can get and totally disappears into my jawline where-as the other cream/liquid formulas had a much poorer colour selection.
The consistency of this is very fluid,  which irritates me considering it's called a cream foundation. Definitely not thick enough to be called a cream. It does even me out fairly well but does little in concealing my imperfections. Also, it isn't the longest lasting formula in the world either.
What I have been doing to make it work however, is mix it with my Bourjois "Healthy Mix" foundation (#51) which is a tad too grey, about 50/50 ratio, and it gives me a gorgeous coloured concoction that blends in with my skin tone perfectly & sits on the skin nicely for a good few hours anyhow.
I absolutely have to wear the primer under this however ar it does separate & move, particularly around my nose & t-zone, after a few hours wear.
This would almost definitely be a lot more suited to dry skin types of non-oily dehydrated skin.
A really nice foundation non the less.

In regards to the palettes, I was able to create the colour schemes all myself through their 'Freedom System'.....

"Our unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and colour combinations of different face products, giving them the 
opportunity to create their own customized colour palette."

For more information go to.....

Final Thoughts???

Inglot makeup is as high a quality as you can hope to get and for a fair price that is very affordable compared to most other popular higher end brands. The colour selection blows most others brands on the market out of the water and their "Freedom system" means you won't have unused colours in your palettes anymore. Also for us professional makeup artists the discount available helps lessen the financial blow even more!!

Hope this was helpful & I'd love to hear your thoughts on it all.

Take care,



  1. Ah, I love Inglot! My mum is in Poland now and I told her to get me more eyeshadows. I'm so in love with them. WHat other products would you recommend? I heard their nail polishes are supposed to be amazing. xxx

  2. Inglot is amazing! I just got the new Rainbow shadows and I am in LOVE! Great haul!

  3. that lip palette is gorgeous, i want to try all of the colors!!! especially the 3rd one...the gloss is beautiful too


  4. I'm thrilled that finally other people, not only we here in Poland, can enjoy this brand because it's truly awesome! It's by far my favourite makeup brand :)

  5. Hey Ami:) Yeah, stock up with the cheaper polish prices for sure!! I would highly recommend the lipsticks. Haven't tried the nail colours yet. Will leave that for my next trip! xx

  6. Loved your video :) Inglot are coming to Jervis Street this month I think, cant wait to make my own palette, I've never tried any of their products, so looking forward to having a gander :)

  7. I hope they come West sometime too!! x


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