Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Sleek Indulgence'

Hello again!

Gosh I hadn't filmed a tutorial in so long before today that I had almost forgotten how much I love just creating & going with it to see what happens!

This look above is a result of listening to some "Alice in chains" (1 of my all time favourite bands, reminds me of my teenage-y angst times!) using the palette I showed in the last post from Sleek makeup.....

I used the white (Martini) on the inner corners & as highlight on lips & cheekbones, the purple (Purple Haze) on the outer corners, the blue (from bottom row- Blue lagoon) above the crease & blended with the purple, pink (Singapore Sling) to blend the eye shadow down towards the cheeks & some of the black (Espresso Martini) to deepen the crease. 
For the cheek contour I applied some of the Orange Blush "Aruba" very lightly (I was determined to incorporate it somehow, see previous blog post for pic) & I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (The white one) to prime the lips before patting on white shadow with purple in the centre.
The idea with the lips was to make them look like when you drink too much red wine or eat too many black-currents, basically over-indulged, hence the title. 

Much of the rest of it was just playing & experimenting. 

The lower lashes, the stars etc were just to see how they'd look. This is kind of how I work. I almost never work out a particular look in advance of producing it, but by doing a load of these impromptu designs, I often take my favourite part of each and throw them all together to create a look that I'm happy with & feel is 'complete'.
My approach to painting is often the same!

The stars I used are just from a craft store that came in a massive packet for very little cost, I used duo lash glue to attach them. 
I used to be obsessed with stars & up until a few years ago, always wore star stickers on my cheeks! I may have had a slight thing for Rainbow Bright =^_^=


I really like this look & hope ye do too:)

Take Care & Chat soon,



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