Monday, July 18, 2011

Sleek Makeup "Caribbean Collection"

Howdy Folk!

Was looking forward to showing ye all this gorgeous colourFUL Makeup Collection by Sleek Makeup but I know I'm pretty late off the mark since it's been available for almost 2 weeks now.
Called the 'Caribbean Collection' this is only going to be available for a limited time as is the case with many of the prettier Sleek i-divine palettes.

You can see straight away from the picture just how bright the shades here are and why so aptly named after the colourful caribbean aesthetic. Staying with that theme though I also think this particular collection is better suited to darker skin tones just because of how intense the pigments show up on the skin. I can forget about wearing the orange blush called "Aruba"! As beautiful as it is, it is just too much for my pasty pale skin. Though saying that, I have been wearing it as an eyeshadow & am totally in love with it as that.
(The blushes cost £4.29)

(Check out the video to see how it looks as an eyeshadow)

The palette is called "Caracao i-divine" and is bang on trend for the summer season aswell as the upcoming winter season thanks to trends like MAC's A/W Trend called Disco-tech which is all about colour injection & creativity.

The colour pay-off from these shadows is insane but I would expect nothing less from a Sleek Makeup Palette which I personally think to be some of the best quality & best value palettes available.
The palette costs £6.49 so as always the price point is a huge draw for this brand.

The lip conditioner is called "Bonaire" & contains a SPF of 15. It's very sheer so do not expect the same sort of opacity as you get from the powder products. The smell is lovely but at first I was a little repulsed by the taste of it on my lips. Having worn it loads now since getting the "pout polish" I don't even notice a taste of it anymore. The lip balm costs £4.29, same as the blush.

The Collection is available from Superdrugs throughout the UK & online from ..... for the rest of us!

It's definitely worth checking out if ye get a chance!

Let me know what ye think as always,

Take care,


  1. Oh my god. The colours are orgasmic :o
    Wish I could get these in Dublin... AH WELL, to the internet, I say!

  2. I'm so mad I couldn't find this in Superdrug the other day! Argh! I will have to try again soon. Awesome post! Those colours look amazing and you could do an awesome rainbow look with them! :)

  3. Ha ha, too right Amelia!! I hope Sleek makes their way to Ireland sometime soon!

  4. I used to find when living in London that only the bigger Superdrugs had the good stuff. Hope you find it though Toks! x


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