Monday, August 15, 2011

Kit Essentials; Disposable applicators from VictoriaLovesBeauty.

Hey Guys!

I was sent these sample applicators absolutely ages ago & was meaning to make a video to show them to ye but kept forgetting!!
But the day I filmed this video, I had once again been asked by a customer/makeup student about where to get the disposable applicators that we have on counter in work. I wouldn't have had a clue either where these are sold, before I got into makeup professionally, but there are a few places to find them!

The website from which I received the samples is.....

The mascara wands they supply cost around £5 (ish) for a pack of 25 wands.
The final effect from whatever mascara you choose will depend on the type of wand you use.
They are.....

Curved head mascara wand for curled lash effect.

Eco friendly mascara wand made with Bamboo.

Hourglass brush mascara wand for lengthened lashes.

Large full head wand for a full, voluminous effect.

Large tapered head wand for length & volume.
(My most used wand while working!)

Medium head mascara wand.

Mini White fine bristle wand... a great size!!
Perfect for getting to every tiny lash!

Tapered head mascara wand for definition.

The site also stocks the makeup range 'Face Stockholm' aswell as the 'Model in a bottle' setting sprays.
They supply professional makeup brushes alongside student brushes and loads of other handy things that are essential to any professional kit!

Other places where you can get similar professional products for your kit include..... (P.A.M London, formally M.A.P) (An Irish trade only makeup & beauty supply store)

And they are some of the sites that I know of that supply professional equipment.

Hope this helps some of ye!!

Take care & Chat soon,



  1. Thanks so much for posting this the look like great quality even tho they are disposables. I'm currently trying to decide if i should do a makeup course or go back to college again to do nursing. If you have any recommendations of makeup courses in the Leinster are please let me know. These will help loads when i'm doing my friends and families makeup. xx


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