Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shiv's Tricks; Applying Powder Blusher!

Howdy Guys,
In my continuing effort to have super short but still information packed videos for ye along side my longer tutorials, this is the start of what will be an on-going series of "Shiv's Tricks" Videos. They will be short videos under 5 min in length sharing short & snappy makeup & beauty tips.

This first one is about how to apply Blusher without overloading the skin with colour.

I use;
Inglot Matte Blush 20
Sigma F15 Brush
Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Light


Take Care,


  1. Thanks! That's a very useful post. I nearly always have to put powder over blush because of my pale skin. I will try the tip with the tissue next time I'm applying it. Also your eye make-up looks really nice. I'm hoping to get an Inglot blush when I'm in Dublin next week, do you know if they come individually or do you have to get a palette of blushes?

  2. Love it! Thanks so much for the tips. :-)

  3. Oh I'm almost positive that you can buy them individually also!!


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