Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coloured Eyebrows ^_^ ..... (even on thick dark brows)

Bright Coloured Eyebrows regardless of natural hair colour!!

Hey Everyone!!
Ever since I uploaded my 'Scene makeup tutorial' showcasing bright pink brows....

I always get asked how to get the same effect for people who have dark, or thicker brows. Well here are a few ideas of how to do just that without the need for lightening your eyebrow hairs!!
This could be useful in costume makeups, Halloween or fantasy makeups or for anyone with bright, unnaturally coloured hair who want the brows to match!

Method 1;
Using either a white grease paint or soft crayon (NYX Jumbo pencil - Milk) to lighten the hairs first, brushed with a spoolie and set using a vibrant matte eyeshadow!

Method 2;
Using a soft lip pencil (MACs 'Cherry' LipLiner) and setting with a matte shadow.

Method 3;
First applying a white mascara (or mascara primer) to the hairs, and pressing matte shadow over before the cream dries.

Method 4;
Applying a vibrant Lipstick as the base, and setting with a powder.

Take Care!



  1. Thank zou so much for this post!
    I figured the white soft crayon and the lipliner things on my own, but the rest are new to me.

    Good stuff :) !

  2. Great tutorial! Can I use some of this information for my blog?

    Scene Makeup


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