Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Kitty for Sephora = ^_^ = ; Product of the week!

So I have to admit that going on a healthy 15 yrs or so now, I have been somewhat obsessed with Hello Kitty & all things related..... have a tattoo, based my end of yr college show on her etc
So you can imagine my excitement and then immediate despair when I found out that Sephora carry the official Sanrio Hello Kitty makeup, and that it is actually decent quality. (The despair was down to the fact that my closest Sephora is in Paris, yay 0_o)
Fast forward to my favourite Youtuber Heather (Sokolum79) telling me about the Hello Kitty Makeup she saw in her Sephora, and fast forward again to my receiving a package from her containing this beauty below.....

What is this mysterious object I hear you ask, well, let me tell you.....

It's an awesome compact mirror, eyeshadow quad AND lipgloss quad all in one!!
Yes sir-eee.

Top level; 
(This is removable so that you can use it solely as a mirror if needed!!)

Secret bottom level;
(Well not so secret but it sounds so fun!)

What it says on the tin;
And yes you are reading correctly, it's called the 
'Super fun Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette'

There are a few different variants available from Sephora...
You can check them out on the website here....

Even the box is class!!!

Anyhow, now that I've suitable displayed my penchant for immaturity, here are a few pics of this bad boy in action. And for once ye don't have to look at my ugly mug!!

Let me introduce my lovely sister Aoife and the makeup I threw on her on a recent night out using the palette.

The colours went on nice and smooth and blended perfectly.
(Thank you Heather for picking me the purple palette ^_^ )
As far as the glosses go, they are all so sheer that even the purple one is barely noticeable colour wise on the lips, but they smell amazing and give a lovely shine to the lips so pass in my books.

The palette costs $35 (roughly €25) so considering this is Sanrio official, it's a pretty good deal!!

Anyhow that's all my gushing for now.
I've shared enough of my childish excitement with the world for one night.

Take care!



  1. I actually don't like Hello Kitty (I'm probably the only one in the world) but the colours in the set are very pretty! X

  2. I saw on the website that they have combination sets now black palettes. They didn't have those when I was there. They had a Graffiti one, I wasn't crazy about the packaging, but the blush was interesting. It was a difficult colour decision. :D


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