Thursday, September 22, 2011

I ❤ Penneys/Primark!!!

Hey Guys,
 So living in Ireland can be a pain at times due to the fact that we lack so many great shops that many other countries get to enjoy...cough... Sephora... cough.
We just recently got a Forever 21 but like many of those great stores, it resides up in Dublin.
 Here in Galway we still have no H&M (though rumor is that it's on its way...)
We got a TK Maxx a couple of yrs back, and to be fair it is getting better. We also have River Island, TopShop, Miss Selfridges etc but they do tend to be pricey for the basic bits like vest tops and such.
 One shop that we do have however, and it has been here for a long time is Penneys (Also known as Primark in the UK & mainland Europe). When I was younger, Penneys was the most uncool place to shop, and you'd be embarrassed when your Mam came home with something from there, but fast forward 20 yrs or so & it has gradually become one of the "cooler" places to purchase from. This is largely thanks to it opening on Oxford St. in London and the new fashion buyers the company brought in.

 My favourite things about Penneys are 1. the price point (extremely affordable ie. cheap) and 2. the variety.
The quality of the clothes has improved immensely also over the past few years....
So here are a few bits that I have picked up over the past couple of months, the lot was for under €100, just to give ye an example of what they have, and my taste in clothing!
(Warning; This shop brings out my girly side!!)
Enjoy ^_^


I love the cotton shopper bags they sell!!

I also buy a lot of jewelry from here too but I was too lazy to gather it all up!!
I am in the middle of editing an Outfit of the day video though in which I am wearing all Penneys accessories so ye can see them then, Stay tuned!!

Take Care,


  1. Love the jumper with studs :) I have them brogues too! A word of warning, I would wear them in before wearing them out somewhere because they shredded my feet :( :( xxx

  2. Hey Shiv!

    HAHAHA I was in Penneys in Limerick and loooool! I loved that place! got some lovely dresses, t-shirts and bikinis! And it was really REALLY cheap! my bf's mother and sisters took me there and it was aaaaaawweeesssooooomeeeee!!! :D oh! also a lovely leopard print sleeping bag hahaha!

    And worry not, Mexico is the same, after so long finally Sephora is coming here and will open doors to the public in october and november (in two different places) sooooo we'll see haha! Defo when I'm back in Ireland, Penneys is a must!.... again. Btw that sorta jumper the cream one is BEAUTIFUL!


  3. Gonna be heading there meself over the next few days! Cant wait. U got some great stuff!

  4. Penneys is great for knock offs on the designer stuff! Cheap and cheerful. NOONE can go in to penneys/primark and leave empty handed. you are bound to find something. :)

    That white long sleeve top (kinda lacey?) looks B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!!!

    Note to self must turn Penneys upside down looking for this top!!

    God I remember years ago when Penneyes on Mary Street/Henry Street in Dublin was a complete dump! (Thank god it got revamped!)

  5. Thanks Amy! I actually wore the brogues as soon as I bought them and they were fine! The size 4 was perfect! x

  6. Hi Dana:) I do hope Sephora follows suit and comes to Ireland or at least the Uk soon!!! xx

  7. Our Primark here in Newry was very basic when they first opened and I used to always shop in the one in Dundalk but over the past few motnhs they have revamped their store here in town and I love it..its has 2 floors now and I love their household section too..great bargains!! Am loving their new winter fashion at the moment and been stocking up past few weeks for when the weather gets cooooold here in Ireland!! :) Great post your choices! xx


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