Sunday, September 18, 2011

Room Tour!! Makeup Studio Organisation & Storage..... (New House)

Hey Guys ^_^

Here's my much requested updated room tour and organisation video. 

My Storage Units etc ^_^

3 tiered unit from Dunnes Stores €40 I think! (Defo a bit pricey) 

My Marilyn Monroe Screen (Double sided) Was around €60ish from Woodies DIY 

My desk is from Argos and was €60.00

My lighting comprises of 4 'tutti' lamps from B&Q and were €13.99 each
My mirror is Revlon from Boots & cost around €50. (It plugs in & lights up!) 

My main chair is from Dunnes Stores & cost €50 I think. I love this!! 

The rug is from Arnie's Discount Stores in Westside Galway, it was €50.

This 4 drawer unit is Dunnes Stores as well & was over €30 as far as I can remember. 

These 4 drawer units are from B&Q & cost only €18.00 each! 

Another height adjustable chair from Dunnes Stores, again around €40-50. 

The bookshelf was bought in Argos (Can't remember the price)

the top mini drawer units were bought from Aldi for €10 each I think! 

I inherited the bookshelf from my brother (I think he got it in Ikea?!)
The top units were bought in a discount store in Hammersmith, London.

Hope this was helpful!

Take Care,


  1. I'll never understand why those light up mirrors are so expensive! Mirrors are like a tenner, as are lamps so they shouldn't cost more than a score. Hmpf.

    Love organisation posts :)

  2. Wow! this is amazing! I wish that my bedroom had a corner with some of your stuff :)

  3. I loved it! Everything looks great!

  4. I agree Lorraine! They do look lovely all lit up though, ha ha! x

  5. ohh my God you have great store i would love to see your makeup collection i m new follower

    i would love if u follow back


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