Friday, September 9, 2011

Skin Types; Knowing yours.....

There are 3 main skin types
1. Oily
2. Dry
3. Normal

There are also what I call 'sub types' which are
4. Dehydrated
5. Sensitive

And there is *6. Combination which means 2 or more of the above types all at once which is usually the most common scenario!

1. Oily;
 This skin tends to be thicker, have a shiny/greasy appearance and can often look dull with uneven texture in more extreme cases.
 It's caused by an over production of sebum which is due to many possible factors including hormones.
It can lead to acne, particularly in teenagers, and other indications include open pores, black heads & pimples.

2. Dry;
 Skin feel tight & parched. Can look dull, flaky & patchy if not exfoliated regularly.
It is caused by under active oil glands and is exasperated by environmental aggressors like wind, sun, cold etc as well as topical agents like alcohol.  
It doesn't age as well as oily skin as it can look lined early but it allows makeup to last longer than oily skin does.

3. Normal;
 Skin is normal when it's more or less in balance, neither noticeably dry or oily. This is generally not a long term thing as skin is very prone to change.

4. Dehydrated;

This is surface dehydration which is often confused with dry skin, but in this case it's not the sebum that's lacking, it's moisture. (Even oily skin can become dehydrated)
**The purpose of sebum is to mix with water/moisture from the atmosphere as well as moisture in fluid brought to the skin by glands under the skin to form what is called the hydro-lipid film, in order to protect the skin & keep it healthy.
Without the moisture needed, the skin doesn't have this protective layer.

5. Sensitive;
 This is really common among most skin types, hence another 'sub type'. It often means that you are sensitive to various ingredients which irritate your skin or can even cause allergies.
Rashes, bumps, itchiness, inflammation and burning include some of the symptoms.
It can also include acne, rosacea and contact dermatitis.

6. Combination;
 This literally means your face is zoned into 2 or more of the different skin types. Most commonly is the oily T-zone area with normal or dry U-zone.  The skin could also be sensitive and/or dehydrated etc.

Your Skin type can and will change not only throughout your lifetime but throughout the year due to hormones, diet etc. Sebum production tends to dry up as we age also.


  1. i think i have oily skin since... like... ever, I guess. it's pretty annoying, cause my face and sometimes my hands are pretty oily
    but it's nice to hear about the aging ^_^
    people always tell me that i don't look like 25 :)
    guess that comes handy in 10 years LOL
    but what can cause a change of your skin type?

  2. Hormones, diet, stress, age etc. They can all lead to a change. x

  3. I'm a combination type gal. I try to balance everything by getting diamond peel treatments. Somehow I feel like I hit a reset button on my skin whenever I go.


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