Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SUPER BRIGHT RED HAIR!!!..... How to & my hair story ^_^

These products (L'Oreal MajiContrast & developer) are not intended for use by non professionals.
They are trade only products and therefore require you to be a trade card holder (i.e a professional hairdresser, beautician etc) to purchase.
However if you are not able to get the products I strongly advise going to a hairdressers/salon that use the L'Oreal products and telling them that this is what you want.
If you do get the products but are not a pro, please get a friend who may be a colorist to help or do your homework!! Bleach/ammonia products can be very damaging to the hair if not used properly.
ALWAYS follow the instructions.

What I used;
L'Oreal MajiContrast in Red (Rouge)
L'Oreal Developer #2;  9% / 30vol

How to;
Mix 25ml of the colour to 37.5ml of developer (Roots only)
50ml colour (full tube) to 75ml developer (Full head / first time)

My hair was greasy (not dirty - free from products!)

I left the mix in my roots for a total of 35/40 min.
(You can do 15min with heat)

After 15 minutes of the mix being on my roots, I mixed some of the colour with warm water
(Approx half tube - 25ml to 25ml water)
And applied this to the body and ends of my hair as this part was already bleached and I didn't want to lift the colour anymore. (This would cause the red to fade faster and cause damage)
I left this on for 20min.
Total 35-40minutes in total.
(The colour does contain ammonia so beware that this can be damaging to the hair)

I rinsed the colour out and used a colour shampoo to wash the hair.

Leave at least 2 - 3 days before washing your hair to allow the dye to properly 'set' in the hair.

To maintain the colour I will use;
Crazy Color in Vermillion or Fire.
Directions in PillerBox Red
StarGazer Red dye
(All semi permanent and conditioning dyes)
Revlon 'Nutri Color' (Color Bomb) in 600 (A warm Red)
(This is an intensive conditioner containing colour - toner)

Here are a few pics of my gruaig now!
(Normal condition- allowed to air dry, not styled)

Hope this was helpful!!

Take care,


  1. You are stunning.... really loving it. I wish i can do the same to my hair but i really don't wanna damage it. Right now i have a sort of copper tone with blonde meches, my natural hair color is dark blonde/ash brown. Will it be too harmful for my hair?
    One other tip, I've been thinking about doing some bright coloring on portion of my hair, to create a sort of colored layer or something visible however, where it's better to put them? or should i put extention instead? Thank you so so so so much!!!!

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  3. As a hairdresser i agree with everythin said here excpet for not using it. Yes it is a professional product but as long as you know a little background it is a great product for every1. Soo if u have very dark brown hair and u wanted your hair red usually you would have to bleach your hair then put a red over the top. As 'tint doest lift tint' Well now loreal have developed a product in which you can get red hair from dark hair with out the bleaching process. Ie less damaging and shorter process. How bright you want your hair depends on how dark your current hair is and the strenth of volume you use. 10 vol being the lowest stregnth peroxide and 40 vol being the strongest. If your hair is already blonde or bleached there is no need to use this product u can use a normal red like majirouge 6.66 as you already have that 'lift' majicontrast gives. if your hair is black/dark brown then 40 vol will be needed any medium colours 30 vol will be good. Hope this helps any1.....

    1. Will the 40 vol damage your hair a lot? My hair is very dark brown and after bleaching my hair at home in the past.. I'd hate for it to go really dry and damaged, but i really want to go bright red using majicontrast ( my hair is all natural now, the bleach has grown out and there's no dye on my hair anymore ) but i'm inexperienced with developers.. Any advice would be really helpful! :) xx

  4. Where did you buy the two products? Do you have links to either?

    1. Hey :) I got them in a local hair supply store in Galway called 'Hair & Beauty Company'.


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