Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick 'On-the-go' Makeup Tutorial

Estimated application time..... 5-10 min.

'Soap & Glory' Makeup Range.

Hey Guys:)

I was sniffing around in my local Boots pharmacy (Drug Store) & inevitably made a bee-line for the cosmetics section, and one of the first stands I saw was an unfamiliar one belonging to the new 'Soap & Glory' Makeup Range!
Delighted with myself for stumbling across such a lovely find.
I've been told that these makeup products are new to the rest of the 'Soap & glory' range which is best known for it's plumping lipgloss 'Sexy Mother Pucker'.



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween '11; Pierrot (Sad clown/mime makeup)

My final Halloween makeup tutorial of '11.....


I love the story behind this unfortunate character.
He was originally a French pantomime character portrayed by 17th Centuary Italian group called 'Comédie Italienne' who performed in Paris. 
'Pierrot' is a pet name for 'Pierre' or Peter in English.
In the story he pines for his elusive love, his wife Columbine, who leaves him for Harlequin, a black-faced character who is the Devils right hand man.
Pierrot is a bit of a fool, and always the unlucky loser :(
Towards the 19th C. he became less of a fool & was portrayed more & more as a tragic, eternal sad clown, with the moon & stars as his only constant companions.

Here's my take on the character.....

BraceFace ^_^ & Catch-up Vlog.

Howdy Guys,
I finally got my braces fitted, well the top one's anyhow and am quickly getting used to them with minimal discomfort now after just over a week!
Here's my experience with them so far and also my reason for not making so many videos this month.....

Thanks a mill:)
Chat soon,


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween '11; VooDoo Witch.

Hey Folks!

After an annoying & unfortunate hiatus due to various health ailments I'm finally back to provide ye with my newest scare offering for this years Halloween ..... & may I re-introduce my little sister Eithne who some of you may recognise from about a year or so ago when I used her in my 'Perfect Red Lip'

The makeup is supposed to look like it was applied by a Witch-Doctor & not a makeup artist so I tried to make it so as it would be easy to re-create. No need to be precise or neat.

(Watch video to see what products I used)
Wig, Jewelry, fingernails, tooth enamel, contact lenses.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Demon Cyclops!! Halloween '11.

Hey Guys:)
I have a really class look for ye this week for my second Halloween tutorial installment of 2011..... and what's cool is that I had other people doing all the work! Ha ha.
I invited my friend Sharon Farrell of
(Blog; and our friend, colleague and all round amazing makeup artist Audrey Byron (Website coming soon!)
.... onto my channel to create a look for Halloween but using prosthetics etc.
Here's what they created!!
(P.S Could ye guess that the model is me??)

September favourites '11.

(Products Mentioned;

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Share the Scare' Tag; ....... Halloween '11.

Hey Folks!!
So I know this has probably been done before but I thought it would be fun & useful to start a 'share the love' tag but Halloween edition; 'Share the Scare'.... get it?? See what I did there???? :P
Anyhow's, here are some of the Youtube Channels that I know of that will be very useful to those of you searching for the perfect halloween costume/makeup idea this year.....