Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween '11; Pierrot (Sad clown/mime makeup)

My final Halloween makeup tutorial of '11.....


I love the story behind this unfortunate character.
He was originally a French pantomime character portrayed by 17th Centuary Italian group called 'Comédie Italienne' who performed in Paris. 
'Pierrot' is a pet name for 'Pierre' or Peter in English.
In the story he pines for his elusive love, his wife Columbine, who leaves him for Harlequin, a black-faced character who is the Devils right hand man.
Pierrot is a bit of a fool, and always the unlucky loser :(
Towards the 19th C. he became less of a fool & was portrayed more & more as a tragic, eternal sad clown, with the moon & stars as his only constant companions.

Here's my take on the character.....

(Watch video to see what products I used!!)

Hope ye like it!!





  1. What kind of eyeliner brush do you use? Like the brand?

  2. I nearly always use an artist's paint brush. Daler Rownery System 3 round brush no. 1. x

  3. i´m impressed that was amazing.. i saw many halloween costumes but yours was by far the best and the more complicated one i really love it!


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