Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween '11; VooDoo Witch.

Hey Folks!

After an annoying & unfortunate hiatus due to various health ailments I'm finally back to provide ye with my newest scare offering for this years Halloween ..... & may I re-introduce my little sister Eithne who some of you may recognise from about a year or so ago when I used her in my 'Perfect Red Lip'

The makeup is supposed to look like it was applied by a Witch-Doctor & not a makeup artist so I tried to make it so as it would be easy to re-create. No need to be precise or neat.

(Watch video to see what products I used)
Wig, Jewelry, fingernails, tooth enamel, contact lenses.
Supplied by;

Here's the before.....

(Well actually, technically it's the after after..... When she showered all the makeup off her face!)

And here's the after.....

The flash in my stupid camera made the wig hair look all stupid & shiny, grrrrrr.
(The above pic was taken on Eithne's i-phone, go figure!)

All the accessories for the look were provided by Angels costumes

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