Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bourjois EyeShadow Pots.

Bourjois EyeShadow Pots ^_^

Hey Guys!!
So while in boots the last day, I decided to pick up a few 'drug store', or as we call it here 'pharmacy', brand eyeshadows for an inexpensive makeup tutorial I plan on filming a little later on this month. 
These Bourjois eyeshadows caught my eye while roaming about the place as they sparkled under the unnatural lights of the store. That, and they are on a '3 for 2' offer in Boots at the moment so I just couldn't resist!!
The lighter 'highlight' colour I already had but I picked up the 3 dark 'smokey' colours, and purposely chose colours I don't normally reach for ie. forrest green & dark navy. The black seemed very black and as I don't actually own any stand alone, single black matte eyeshdow (not in palettes), I picked that up along with the dark jewel tone shadows which I think will work nicely in a dark smokey eye look.

 Bourjois EyeShadows from L-R; 
EyeShadow 'Ombre a Paupiere' #08, Intense Shadows #05, #06 & #10.

The swatches are from L-R; Without a base, over a white base, over a black base*
Top pic's natural light, bottom pic's with flash.

 Intense Shadow Pot #05
(I used a sponge tip applicator at first here with the green to apply the shadows but I figured it was cheating a little as it makes it come out much more intense than a normal brush would, so the swatches below were done with a brush and not quite with the same intensity, sans base, as the green.)

 Intense Shadow Pot #06

Intense Shadow Pot #10

EyeShadow 'Ombre a Paupiere' #08

 The bases/primers used; 
White - Clinique 'Touch Base' #26 'Canvas light' & Black - MAC Paint Pot 'BlackGround'

The tutorial using these shadows will be coming soon so keep an eye out for that!!
In the mean time, Take care & Chat Soon ^_^



  1. I love the intense bourjois eyeshadows! thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah, looking forward to using them in a tutorial! x

  3. Anybody know where i can pick these up? have tried boots and sam mccauleys but no such luck

  4. I have always seen them in Boots. Maybe it's only in the bigger ones. x

  5. Wow, fantastic colours. I have one of those eyeshadows in 'Beige Rose'. It's a lovely highlight colour. Pigmentation is great, isn't it?

    1. Yup! Absolutely:) I used to have that one ages ago too ^_^


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