Monday, November 14, 2011

Lipcote.... Sealin' Smackers for over 50 yrs!!

 (Lipcote ad. from the 1950's)

Hey Guys,
Many of ye may know that the Lipstick Sealer 'Lipcote' which is a top-coat for lipstick to seal it in place for hours of wear, and prevents transference, smudging, fading & feathering, has been around for longer than many of us have, 50+ years now!!! Pretty nifty work!

 The package above sports the new logo & design courtesy of a collaboration with illustrator Dora ( who is largely inspired by 1950's burlesque and femininity, making her the perfect person for the job.

The iconic lip-sealant is used by some of the prettiest pouts on the planet, including Jemma Kidd (herself a top makeup artist), Rhianna & Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

I personally hadn't really heard of or come across the likes of the product until about 3 years ago when I was working in a professional makeup supply store in London which saw many a lady (mature and young), as well as professional makeup artists, coming in to buy their lip-sealant. This much loved product is one which has been used by many ladies for decades. Also many of the makeup artists who would come in to buy their sealers would buy many at the one time!!

The sealant itself gives a satin, matte finish to the lips and makes it water-resistant, which is mighty handy for the lips being that they get licked quite a lot! ha ha
Basically it's like a nail varnish top-coat but for the lips, the applicator is a small brush and the liquid product is kind of like a lacquer.
It really does live up to it's claims when applied correctly. To get the best result from it do as follows;
1. Makeup sure your lips are not dry or cracked to start with. Moisturise well & exfoliate beforehand to ensure your lips are soft & in good condition.
2. Apply a lip-liner if needed first to shape & line your lips, and fill in the entire lip to create a base for your lipstick.
3. Apply a first layer of lipstick, blot, and re-apply. Repeat. Blot again once you have applied enough lipstick to remove unnecessary excess.
4. Finally apply the Lipcote. Apply first to the lip-line, and slightly over. This will ensure minimum feathering. Then coat the rest of the lips. Keep your lips apart slightly while you allow the liquid to dry. This will take only a short minute or so.
5. Once it's set, it ain't gonna budge for hours to come!

(If applying over a dark or heavily pigmented lip colour, I suggest pouring a little out onto a palette or cleaning off the brush between dips to prevent dirtying the product)

 Used to seal in a mixture of Revlon's 'Abstract Orange' (Pearl 026) 
& 'Pink in the Afternoon' (Créme 415)

It's also perfect for multi-tonal looks like the above combo of 'Pink in the Afternoon' in the centre & 'Revlon Red' (Créme 730) on the outer corners, which would normally not last more than a few minutes unprotected thanks to unavoidable lip blotting. 

(Sleek's 'Peek-a-blue' Pout Paint & Inglot's #84 liner)
 And from a Makeup Artists point of view, (as well as a makeup experimenter!), it's perfect for sealing in the more arty, wacky looks you may be inspired to create!!! Just have fun with it!

So now, time for the cons. First and most noticeably is the smell, which is quite strong at first, thanks to the alcohol ingredients. This also makes it unsuitable for dry or very sensitive lips, so make sure you take care of them before hand!! The second is that it can be drying on already dry lips as I already mentioned. Third, it has a mild stinging effect at first but this goes pretty quickly. And that's basically it!

Pro's, It really works. Keeps lip colours in place for absolutely ages!! And is a chore to remove which is a good indication of it's staying power. It's vegetarian friendly which is a personal thumbs up from me, also a veggie. It's not tested on animals. And even though the bottle is small (7ml) 'a little goes a long way' with up to 100 applications per bottle according to the packaging! Plus it takes up minimal room in your makeup bag. And it costs only £3.49 or approx €5/€6 Irl.

It's available from Boots, Superdrug (U.K) & selected independent stores.

And that's it for now!!
Take care and Chat soon,

*This is a sponsored post, of course all opinions, views and recommendations are my own and as always, honest*


  1. I've been using this for about 10 years and will not be without it, I buy two at a time, one for home and one for the purse in case I forget to Lipcote before I leave. It's fantastic and your review is spot on :)

  2. Thanks Shrinky:) I've a feeling this will be dead handy for me with my braces as at the moment my lipstick keeps staining them so this will be pefect to stop that happening!! x

  3. Wow, I'll definetly be buying this when I go to london in april!

  4. So you said it's difficult to remove but didn't mention how to remove it?


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