Sunday, November 13, 2011

MAC Xmas Brush Sets 2011.

 'Make it Perfect' Mineralize Brush Set

'Make it Perfect' Essential Brush Set

'Make it Perfect' Special Edition Brush Set

All €65 (Irl) or $59.50 (Ca)
Limited Edition for Christmas Season 2011.
(Or until stocks last!)


  1. I just bought the Mineralize brush kit as a gift for my mum this christmas, great to see a review of the brushes!
    I still can't believe how expensive MAC is in Ireland though, I got the brush kit for £39.50 here in the UK!

  2. I really want some MAC brushes but I find that everyone says the gift set brushes are not the same quality since they are machine made as opposed to hand made like the rest. =(


  3. Great review Shiv! But it seem that MAC has some serious quality issues lately? You are beautiful without makeup:)

  4. Yeah, MAC items are quite expensive here alright! Not as bad as Australia though, can't believe how dear it is there!!! Great if you can get it from UK for sure. x

  5. I find it can be hit and miss with the holiday sets, I have ones that are perfect quality, apart from the dye running from the black hairs sometimes!
    But always remember, if you buy a brush set that turns out to be of very poor quality or faulty, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT at time of purchase, so that you can return it or exchange for another set. xx


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