Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favourite Drug Store Foundations! (2011)

Hey Guys!!
So I'm finally getting around to sharing my favourite pharmacy or 'Drug Store' foundations that I use and love, and there are a few of them ^_^

I love me some foundation, but I especially love me some good quality inexpensive foundations and these are those!!

(*I am combination to sometimes oily skin most of the time. Prices are all in Euro and some are guesstimations, please use a currency convertor like to find prices in your own currency! I can only say where products are available in my own country. Shades will be compared to MAC shades)

1. Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' Foundation 
€15.00 available from Boots. #51 (Roughly NC15)
Natural, semi-matte medium, 'buildable' coverage foundation. Up to 16hrs wear and oil free so perfect for my combination skin and my need to wear my base for long periods of time.
The bottle contains a pump and is plastic so perfect for a mobile kit, and I highly recommend this foundation so would not hesitate in using it for my professional freelance work.
Love the colour #51 for my pale yet yellow to neutral skin-tone and does not oxidise on my skin throughout the day!! A firm favourite.

2. Bourjois 'Healthy Mix Serum' Foundation 
€16.00 available from Boots nationwide. #51 (Roughly NC15)
Whereas the original 'Healthy Mix' formula claimed to promote radiance also, this new 'Serum' makes much more of a deal over the Radiance Quality. Again 16hrs but this time of 'radiance-boosting'
It has more of a liquid texture than it's predecessor , giving it a more 'skin like' look, even though it's called a 'Gel' foundation. It claims an 'undetectable' coverage, which the lighter coverage does allow. The colour differs slightly from the original formula also. It's a little less ashy, more yellow, and unfortunately a tad darker, so I did notice that after a good few hours of wear it had become noticeable against my paler neck. 
However, it has little faults besides and feels lovely and light on the skin yet evens out skin tone and has a natural finish. Also comes with a pump but the bottle is glass, definitely for the boudoir table! 
A lovely, light fluid base that lifts the complexion and is 'vitamin-rich' in ingredients, so apparently good for the skin!

3. Soap & Glory 'Skin Energising 2 in 1' Foundation & Primer
€15.00 available from Boots nationwide. 
"The Fairest of the all, Blanche Neige" (Roughly NC15)

Another lovely light to medium coverage foundation. This one is a little unique in that it has a primer 'built in' which is activated by shaking the plastic bottle before use.
It evens out my skin-tone but I do need to use a concealer to hide my sins.
The packaging is quaint & kitch, just my style, and the product lovely!
The colour again is very close to my own, though the shade range in general is quite limited. 
It is a nice fluid base so feels moisturising but thanks to the primer, it doesn't just disappear from the skin after a few hours wear like many other non-dry foundations.
A great first foundation from the brand who only recently launched their makeup range!!

4. UNE 'Intuitive touch B-B Cream' Foundation 
€19.00 available from Boots nationwide. #101 (Roughly NC15)

A cream to powder compact foundation by UNE which are under the 'Bourjois' Umbrella, and are all natural, promote fair-trade and organic ingredients etc. 
Yet another 'BB' or 'Blemish Balm' to hit the Europe Market, copying the original formula originating from Korea, but not quite getting the original idea.
The packaging firstly is impressive in that the cover is a mirror, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups throughout the day or night. It comes with a small, synthetic brush which is little use apart from 'localised touch ups'.
It has a lovely silky feel containing natural oils and waxes, but also contains silica and rice powder to combat shine and oil damage. 
It has a light 'buildable' coverage which is perfect for everyday use and even with my combination/oily T-Zone, held up very well throughout the day without the need for powder.
The only negative I can say is the amount of product you get for the price. 6g for nearly €20 here in Ireland, but it does contain 100% natural ingredients and carries the 'Eco-Cert' so many who are concerned with ethics in cosmetics may agree it's worth it!

5. Revlon 'PhotoReady' Foundation SPF 20
€15.00 (estimate) available from Boots nationwide. #002 Vanilla (Roughly NC15)
Another liquid that comes from 'Revlon' which in my opinion are one of the better brands for foundation on the high-street. Though I do find the name a little mis-leading because it isn't the most suitable of products for photography due to the SPF in it as well as the slight 'glow' it has thanks to minute shimmer particles within the formula. 
It provides good medium coverage, is fairly priced and contains a pump, always a big thumbs up from me!
Despite the 'photo' thing, it looks lovely in real life and on video. It lasts about 6 to 8 hours, powdered on my skin as long as I am not under very extreme conditions. Wearing an oil-control primer underneath is advisable for anyone concerned with it melting off after a long days wear or under hot conditions etc.

6. Revlon 'ColorStay' Foundation SPF 6
€16.00 (estimate) available from Boots nationwide. #110 Ivory (Roughly NW10) 
                                                                                     #150 Buff (Roughly NC15-20)

A good full coverage foundation, comes in 2 formulas, one for dry/normal and the other for combo/oily skin. Also comes with either SPF 6 or 15 depending on the need for sunblock!
Unfortunately it doesn't come with a pump but I'm still hoping that Revlon will hear and answer our collective cries sometime in the near future.
The formula is quite heavy, so requires a light hand while applying, less is more and believe me goes a long way!! No need for concealer here..... unless you have the mother of all blemishes, pus and all! Ewwwww, ha ha!!
It controls oil better than almost any other products available on the high-street and lasts pretty much all day and into the night. I've not personally tried the dry/normal formula but I have heard similarly good reviews on it. 
It photographs very well and gives a nice natural matte finish to the skin.

7. L'Oreal 'TrueMatch' Foundation 
€13.00 (estimate) available from Boots nationwide. C1 Ivory Rose (Roughly N15- NW15) 
                                                                          N1 Ivory (Roughly NC15- N15)

Another 'True to Skin' foundation that comes in an impressive range of shades covering Warm, Neutral & Cool. Though, be warned it's cool is a MAC warm, so the total opposite and can be confusing.   
(ie. C in MAC is Yellow Based, but with L'Oreal C is pink based.)
It has a lovely medium fluid coverage that doesn't look at all cakey and provides very decent coverage to the skin. Blends well on the skin and doesn't have a sticky feel at all, sinking into the skin very quickly. 
A really nice run-of-the-mill, all-round 'lovely foundation. Wears well, photographs well.
I would definitely suggest powdering for a long lasting finish and use a primer if oil is an issue.

8. Rimmel 'Lasting Finish' Foundation 
€14.00 (estimate) available from Boots nationwide. 100 Ivory (Roughly between NC/NW15- NC20) 
A foundation that claims to last for 25hrs!!! And wear well it does:)
Unfortunately the lightest colour my pharmacy carries (or had on the day anyhow) in Ivory, was too dark for my pale skin and I do need to warm up my neck and chest in order to avoid the dreaded 'tide-mark' look.... *Shudders a little*
Oil free fluid foundation that does what it says on the tin and doesn't feel dry or cakey at all on the skin.

9. Vichy 'Aera Teint Pure' Foundation 
€18.00 available from Boots and Matt O'Flaherty's nationwide. 
#12 Trés Clair/Opal (Roughly between N10/NC15) 

An old favourite of mine. Light on the skin yet flawless!!
Also comes in 2 formulas for normal/dry or combo/oily!!
Read my initial review here.....

10. Vichy 'NormaDerm Teint' Foundation 
€19.00 (estimate) available from Boots and Matt O'Flaherty's nationwide. 
#15 Opal (Roughly between N15/NC15 - NC20) 

An 'Anti-Imperfection' foundation that allows up to 8hrs hold. It's perfect for trouble skin as it's non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and does not clog pores. It's non-greasy and non-drying so is as kind to skin a can be! Vichy being first and foremost a skin-care brand definitely get their foundations right!!!
The colour of the palest shade was a smidgeen to dark but a teeny bit of bronzer on my ghostly neck & chest allows me to wear this on my less than perfect skin days!!

11. Vichy 'DermaBlend' Colour Corrective Foundation 
€20.00 (estimate) available from Boots and Matt O'Flaherty's nationwide. 
#15 Opal (Roughly between N15/NC15 - NC20) 

Another product that comes in limited shade range but it is a brilliant foundation no doubt! 
Gives a full-coverage, flawless finish, and when used along with the translucent powder from the same range, withstands sweat, oil and even outside moisture. You can go swimming in it once set!!
So obviously meant for more hardcore conditions, but it works!!
A little goes a very long way so for everyday use, it should be applied with a light hand.
Like most Vichy products, it's non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and does not clog pores. It was originally developed for people who had scars to cover shortly after major surgeries, to cover birthmarks etc
It has amazing staying power and will not feel heavy if applied and blended well.

12. Vichy 'DermaBlend' Colour Corrective Foundation Stick
€18.00 (estimate) available from Boots and Matt O'Flaherty's nationwide. 
#15 Opal (Roughly between NC15 - NC20) 
Comes in more shades than it's liquid sister and is a camouflage concealer than can be applied as a foundation also when blended properly. 
This formula offers 12 hours coverage and is perfect for tattoo coverage.

Watch this amazing promo video starring Rick Genest or "Zombie Boy"

And that's all my favourites for now!!!
Hope this was helpful.

Take care & Chat soon,



  1. Very nice, thanks for the suggestions! I don't know if I can get Bourjois in America. Fashionismycrush also raves about that foundation.

  2. I take notes, I love my healthy mix and my UNE! I will check the rest out!

  3. Those greens are gorgeous.Love the lip color too.I will have to look out for Bourjois make up.xx

  4. Hi Siobhan!

    Great vid and blog! Just what I needed, I'm on the hunt for a decent foundation. I'm pale like you, but I'm fairly certain I'm pink toned, (going to a MAC counter on Sat! I'll have to flog my Soap and Glory!)
    I like the look of the Viche Aera Teint Pure, and the NormaDerm Teint. I'm not so sure I'll be able to find either or so eaily, but anyhow, I wondered, in your opinion, if the Opal is yellow based, what other shade choice would you think to be pink based? 23 Ivory, and Nude respectivly?

    Julia x

  5. So, my "what to buy next time I go to Ireland or the UK list" gets longer and longer...
    I think I could find everything in Italy too (except for Soap and Glosy, which I'm so curious about!), but not at all in the same colours! I had to buy my beloved Colorstay in ligh colour on ebay, probably we're supposed to be all tan down here in Italy... but I'm the same exact skin tone than you!
    Nice post and video.

  6. Great list! I think I'll go and try the Bourjois one... :) I so love this brand!

  7. I totally agree on the quality of the Bourjois foundations! Great suggestions you've made here, but I was wondering if you've tried the newest Bourjois foundation (Flower Perfection) - I would really like to give it a try, but I haven't heard a lot about it yet. I know that you used a Bourjois 5 eyeshadow palette (the green one) in your previous video, and that one, as far as I know, came out at the same time with the FP foundation

  8. Hi JenVerField, Thank you:) I'm not sure about the US but I know it is available in Canada so maybe it'll be below the border also! x

  9. Hi Julia! I'm not sure about Ivory but I think Light & Nude are more pink based but you'd really have to check it out in person yourself! Maybe try contacting the Vichy for samples! x

  10. Hi Valerie:) Yeah I worked with an Italian girl in London who was even paler than I am! x

  11. HI Anatta:) I haven't seen the Flower Perfection foundation yet but I'm keeping an eye out for it!! I'm dying to try it out too! x

  12. i love revlon photoready!!


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